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Brow Grooming Made Simple

You don’t need to be a beauty guru or makeup junkie to have eyebrows on your radar. As one of the top beauty topics today, eyebrows are on everyone’s mind and eyebrow products are on nearly every store’s shelves.

With so many techniques, products, and discussions involving eyebrows, thinking about making yours the best they can be can seem very overwhelming or out of reach. But, it certainly doesn’t have to be.

How should you shape your brows? Plucking, waxing, and threading seem to be the most popular mainstream options. So, which is right for you?

Each method can be used to shape your natural brows to your liking. The method you choose, or the combination of methods, is really up to personal preference.

Plucking your eyebrows is the cheapest and simplest option available. All you need to pluck and groom is a pair of tweezers, and maybe a eyebrow stencil, if you are aiming to create a totally new shape. Tweezing is also a great option for those with sensitive skin or low pain thresholds, which don’t pair well with waxing and threading techniques.

Waxing is praised for being quick and mostly painless. Though some discomfort is involved, the pain from waxing lasts only a second or too, which has helped the technique gain fame as the least painful eyebrow grooming option. While it is not recommended to wax your own eyebrows, getting waxed at a spa or salon is usually relatively inexpensive.

Threading has recently grown in popularity and is now known for achieving a super sharp angle, due to the accuracy and precision the thread allows for. While the process is somewhat painful (depending on your tolerance), the thread removes hairs in lines, allowing the technician to remove the annoying fluffy hairs you may miss with tweezers. You probably won’t be able to thread your own eyebrows, but again, this technique tends to be easy on the wallet at salons and threading stations.

For more information regarding brow grooming, [Click Here].

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Bella Thorne’s Glitter Eyebrows — Love Or Loathe?

Bella Thorne has taken her eyebrows to a level never seen before! Halloween came early this year as the actress showed off her new eyebrows, which were decorated in pink glitter. Here are the details on her festive appearance; be sure to let us know what you think about it!

Bella Thorne is creating an enormous buzz in the beauty community right now. The 18-year-old actress showcased her dazzling pink eyebrows through Snapchat, and it certainly got a lot of attention.

It isn’t surprising that Bella shared her cat eyeliner and shimmering brows on her social media, as she frequently posts step-by-step makeup tutorials. This isn’t the first time she’s used glitter on her brows, either: Bella wore silver sparkles under her eyebrows while at the Coachella music festival.

Unlike the last time, though, glitter completely covers her eyebrows now. She may have been celebrating Halloween a little early, but that’s fine. We feel the glitter look is great for the holiday season, and could look amazing in silver or gold.

All natural adhesive by Lit Cosmetics Water-Resistant Glitter Base is a great product to make sure you nail Bella’s look. After applying adhesive, place loose glitter throughout your brows and wait for it to dry; it’s that easy.

How much do you like Bella’s shimmering eyebrows? For more information regarding Bella’s new eyebrows, [Click Here].

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Microblading Q&A

It’s no secret that the latest beauty trend is thick, shapely eyebrows. But, for those of us not born with a healthy supply of eyebrow hair and patience, achieving beautiful brows can be somewhat of a tedious and/or discouraging process.

But, thanks to innovative beauty experts, you can now achieve the brows of your dreams with a little cash and very little time. Say hello to microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a modern form of semi-permanent makeup. The process involves pigment being implanted into the top layer of skin in fin, hair-like strokes. A trained technician uses a hand-held blade with a very fine tip to help give you the brows you’ve always wanted, whether that be filling in your natural shape or totally recreating your look.

How does it work?

Microblading shares some characteristics with tattooing, but is different in that no machines or pre-printed designs are used. It is a very customized and relatively painless procedure.

A permanent makeup specialist will help you decide what shape is best for you and will draw that design onto your face before the microblading process ever begins. You have the freedom to suggest adjustments and tweaks, until the look is right for you.

Then, the technician will apply numbing cream to the brow area and begin the procedure, using a pigment that matches the shade of your natural brows.

How long do the results last?

Like any other customized procedure, results vary from person to person, depending on skin type, lifestyle, and a number of other factors. For most people, though, results from microblading last between 12 and 18 months. That’s 365 days or more of no pencils, powder, or gels.

The color will be slightly darker than your hair in the days immediately following your microblading procedure, but will fade to match your natural color in just a short time. Most specialists suggest you come back four to six weeks after the initial procedure for a touch-up, and after that your brows are good to go for an entire year. For more information regarding questions about microblading, [Click Here].

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What Shape Should Your Eyebrows Be?

Eyebrows are perhaps the most identifiable facial feature. If your eyebrows are the one of the first things people notice about you, it is important that their compliments your face shape and bone structure, helping you to put your best face forward everyday.

Whether your face is heart-shaped, oval, or anywhere in between, we have the identified the brow looks that will work best for you!

Heart Shape
Those with heart-shaped faces should look to their brows to balance the angles of their facial features. A slightly arched, rounded brow will help to balance the point of the chin and give the face an overall softer look.

Square faces are characterized by stronger jaw lines. To help draw attention to the top half of the face, create a soft curve between the middle and tail end of the brows. A gentle arch will ensure that no hard facial lines are accentuated.

Oval faces have the most options when it comes to brow looks. There is balance inherently present in the oval shape, so you can get away with almost any look. Be careful not to overly arch the brows in an upward point, however, as this can draw the face out, making it look too long.

Round faces benefit from an angular brow shape. Keeping your brows fuller with a gently defined arch helps to provide more angles to your face and can help make the face appear less full.

Remember, everybody’s faces (and brows) are different! The best part about the recent eyebrow sensation is that is has opened so many windows of opportunity for learning about brows, finding new methods of shaping them, and discovering the best techniques and looks for your face and personal style.

To be sure your brows are working in your favor, consider visiting a trained brow technician who can help you pinpoint the best look and work with you as you continue to grow or reshape your brows. For more information on what eyebrow shape is right for you, [Click Here].

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Are you brave enough to tattoo your brows? The microblading technique that transforms your face

A recent trend has been observed in women: as they age, they become more and more likely to spontaneously get a tattoo.

It seems as if the notion behind this phenomenon is that tattoos will somehow preserve the youth of an aging woman. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’m currently minutes away from getting tattooed.

Don’t worry; I’m not getting some obnoxiously huge eagle across my chest. Instead, I’m getting my eyebrows tattooed. Karen Betts, Britain’s renowned Brow Queen, stands over me with her needle, anxiously waiting to give me my first taste of ink.

Given my fear of needles, I still can’t believe I’m going through with this. My forehead has been numbed with cream, but it doesn’t completely alleviate my distress.

“Out of ten, how badly does this hurt?”

Karen assured me that would be about a four or a five. At first I would feel pain, but after a few minutes, I would only feel a scraping sensation.

My excitement overshadowed my fear of the discomfort of the procedure. I had longed for great eyebrows; they had previously seemed like an impossible attainment, but now, here was my opportunity.

Karen has over 20 years of experience. She is so experienced, in fact, that she trains other beauticians how to perfect brow shaping with permanent make-up.

Permanent ink in the beauty industry isn’t just for make-up, however; Karen is also proficient at medical tattooing, which is a service sought after by cancer patients and those with burns or scars.

I take a deep breath and do my best to convince myself not to back out now.

Now, it’s time to decide: how dark do I want them? What effect do I want them to have?

To convey my desires as accurately as I can, I tell Karen that I want my eyebrows to look like a cross between Angelina and Nigella. However, I do not want Cara Delevigne.

She draws eyebrows on me to ensure that she captured the look perfectly, and perfectly she did. They looked good enough for me to go home that moment, but we had work to do.

One would think that the easiest part would be cleaning up my eyebrow shape through plucking. Unfortunately, I am almost in tears after she begins. I should have told her beforehand that I have an extremely low pain tolerance in that area.

“We’re just going to do a bit of threading,” and a “bit” of threading sure translated into a whole lot of pain.

“That’s the worst part,” she declares. She goes on to say that the actual treatment is usually less painful for most people. I, however, am not most people.

Although I am rife with fear as she begins, it all soon dissolves. There’s no loud, obnoxious buzzing from the machine. There’s hardly any pain at all. Everything is quiet to the point where it is almost soothing.

She makes tiny, narrow cuts into my eyebrows with her special tool, where she then places the ink. She refers to this practice as “microblading.”

She wipes each brow a few times. Then, something amazing happened: she was finished!

While it is referred to as “permanent make-up,” it isn’t entirely permanent.

Over the next year and a half, the ink will fade slightly, so it is recommended to have the area touched up at least once every 12 months.

I was never any good at putting make-up on. Red lipstick and dark shades were the furthest I ever really went. I also never had any idea on how to handle my eyebrows, which were always some ambiguous shade of beige.

It is said that eyebrows provide structure to the entire face. If this saying is true, then I was in desperate need of refurbishing. I can’t draw them myself, because every time I do it looks like a child got loose with a pencil and I was the victim.

Unfortunately for me, given my ineptness at beautifying myself, I was never able to make my eyebrows “work.” Karen insists that the right brows can enhance the appearance of the entire face.

I don’t anticipate that great of a change, given that they are just eyebrows after all. Then, however, she holds up the mirror, and I see my reflection.

I was amazed. I had no idea the difference would be anything more than marginal. I simply could not believe how much better they looked. Eyebrows truly do provide structure to the face.

The color difference between my brows and the ink was nearly indiscernible!

It is important to choose the right individual to go to for this type of service; someone inexperienced could literally scar you for life.

As I compared the before and after photos, I could immediately see differences in how my face looked. I looked more vibrant, and maybe even a little firmer. Nigella would definitely approve. For more information regarding tattooing your eyebrows, [Click Here].

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Want perfect, long-lasting eyebrows? Microblading is Your Answer.

Natural, full, shapely brows are very hard to come by (we’re looking at you Cara Delevingne), so most of us turn to cosmetic products day-in and day-out to enhance the brows we were born with. It can be stressful, and even quite annoying, to worry about creating natural-looking, even brows from gels and pencils everyday.

The latest in permanent makeup trends could be the answer to our eyebrow prayers. Microblading, a semi-permanent way to achieve effortless full brows, has caught on in celebrity circles and trickled down to the mainstream. From Bella Thorne to the women in your neighborhood, microblading is changing the way we do and see eyebrows.

During the microblading process, a trained technician uses a small handheld tool, equipped with several tiny needles at the end, to implement pigment into the first layer of skin. By making fine, hair-like strokes, the technician can fill in any sparse brow areas, or even create a totally new set of brows for those dealing with hair loss or illness.

While microblading is a form of tattooing, the tool makes all the difference in the end-result. Unlike traditional permanent makeup, which typically looks smooth and somewhat blurred, the results from microblading are very defined and look as close to real hair as you can get.

After you’ve had your brows microbladed, there is very little maintenance to worry about. You won’t have to worry about your brows smudging or wearing off in the pool, at the gym, or any other time at all. You will have to moisturize the area and keep your brows protected from the sun, especially while your skin is healing.

The microblading process itself lasts between an hour and two hours depending on your technician, and the price varies by salon and region of the world. But, overall the procedure will save you time from drawing on and filling in your eyebrows everyday, and give you a brow-confidence you’ve never had before. Instead, the full, bold brows you achieve from microblading will last between a year and 18 months, with touch-ups required as your technician recommends.

If you’re unsure about the procedure, or have more questions about what your brows will look like after, don’t be afraid to set up a consultation with an experienced technician. He or she can work with you to calm your nerves, draw on a shape perfect for your facial structure, and can make any adjustments you’d like to see to fit your personal style.

For more information about microblading, eyebrow threading, or HD brows, visit or call 813-906-1155 to request a consultation today!

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Take Your Brows from ‘90s Drab to Constant Fab with Microblading

ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, MICROBLADING, EYEBROW, BROW-SHAPE, BROW-TREND, MICROBLADING-PROCEDUREFrom the ‘90s to now, brow trends have changed drastically. For many of us, it’s been a tough, trying road to fuller, thicker brows. If your natural hair has had trouble transitioning from the less-is-more look to something a bit bolder, you aren’t alone and you aren’t without a beauty solution.

Daily filling and shaping with pencils, gels, waxes, and pomades is not only time consuming and frustrating, but also makes it hard to remain confident that your brows are always looking full, even, and smudge-free. Microblading is the new age cure all for eyebrows.

Microblading is a form of tattooing, but its results area far cry from the blurred, sometimes alarmingly bold permanent makeup we’ve come to know. Microblading is different, almost entirely due to the pigment. In the microblading procedure, pigment is placed into the skin, but the pigment itself is slightly different than typical tattoo pigment.

A much smaller quantity of the substance is placed into the superficial layers of the skin, using a small handheld tool with several tiny needles at its end. The result is fine, feather, natural-looking strokes that supplement your natural brow hairs.

Embarking on a journey that will change your face for the next year to 18 months can certainly be nerve racking, but a trained technician with microblading experience won’t steer you wrong. For most technicians, microblading involves some technical measurements, which means working with your unique facial dimensions to ensure the brows are the right length and distance apart. The rest of the look—think arch angle, brow thickness, and color—can be tailored to fit your individual style. This means a technician will more likely than not draw and re-draw the brow shape with a pencil until it perfectly fits your vision. That’s all before she ever begins tattooing.

The tattooing process itself is rather short and painless. With some minor discomfort and possibly a little redness following the procedure, your brows will heal quickly, and as long as you keep them moisturized and protected from the sun, should last between 12 and 18 months.

Depending on the state of your brows before the microblading procedure, the end result may come as a bit of a shock, but in time, most clients come to love their new brow looks. So long as you visit a trained, experience professional technician, your new look will be just what you need to confidently rock your brows at any time of day or night, with no makeup product required. For more information regarding microblading, [Click Here].

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Bella Thorne’s Snapchat Raises Questions About Microblading

Celebrities have long been rumored to have undergone tattooing procedures to enhance their lips, brows, and makeup looks. Few have come clean, and one documented her entire experience.

Bella Thorne recently took to Snapchat to show fans and followers what the microblading eyebrow procedure is really like, and how it changed her look. While microblading is not exactly a new beauty procedure, celebrities like Thorne are helping the cosmetic procedure to grow in popularity. Her Snapchat story raised some questions, that industry experts were happy to address.

Microblading is a procedure in which a trained technician will use a small handheld tool that housing super-thin needles to implant pigment into the top layer of skin. By making tiny, hair-like strokes, an expert can mimic the look of real hair, building fuller, bolder brows for his or her client.

The procedures growing popularity means its being offered in more places and by a growing number of technicians, but Emilia Berry, founder of Manhattan-based PermaLine Cosmetics, and expert dermatologists stress the importance of finding a trained specialist and being aware of the procedure’s risks.

“Common complications related to the procedure itself include infection (bacterial or viral), difficulty healing after the procedure, excessive scarring and allergic reaction to tattoo ink (this can occur immediately after or years later),” said Dr. Nancy Samolitis, cosmetic dermatologist at West Hollywood’s Facile Dermatology + Boutique. “I also see people who desire removal of their tattoos due to changes in personal style preference, tattoo regret, poorly done tattoos with the wrong shape, color, or location—yes, wrong eyebrow location!—or change in color over time.”

Berry suggests looking at a technician’s portfolio, work experience, and health department certificate before moving forward with the microblading process. The portfolio should be especially helpful in determining the technician’s artistic style and experience.

“You can’t just learn techniques, because every face is different—bone structure has to be taken into account, and how the hairs grow and color,” Berry said.

Microblading produces semi-permanent results, but is still a big commitment. For this reason, most experts, like Berry, stress the importance of doing your homework before visiting a salon or technician.

“If you don’t find the right person to get tattooed by it’s a very bad trend to follow in my opinion,” said Kelley Baker, Zendaya’s brow artist. “Make sure you do your homework on your brow tattoo artist by asking to see photos before you book your appointment. You don’t get a second chance on the look you’ll receive, plus your face (and trends) change all the time, so be careful.”

The Internet and word of mouth are your best friends in conducting research. If you don’t feel comfortable with an artist, don’t be afraid to seek out someone else. For more information regarding questions about microblading, [Click Here].

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Brow Experts Talk Semi-Permanent Tattooing

ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, MICROBLADING, BROW-ENHANCEMENT, EYEBROWSLike most good trends, eyebrow tattooing has made a comeback, and it’s stronger than ever. The new, very popular wave of eyebrow tattooing goes by a number of names, including microblading, micropigmentation, and feather touch tattooing.

Many expert technicians report being booked solid several months out for the procedure, because the benefits far outweigh any nerves or apprehension about “permanent makeup.” Perhaps the most commonly expressed benefit is the time and makeup products saved from having your eyebrows enhanced via a tattoo procedure. You won’t need to apply brow pencils, waxes, or powders on a daily basis or worry about your eyebrows smudging, running, or looking noticeably uneven.

Before the procedure itself, your technician will work hard to help produce your desired end result. Because everyone’s facial structures and preferences differ, creating a permanent look is more of an art than a science.

“There are many factors to consider when we design a suitable shape. Most importantly we steer clear of trends such as the ‘power brow’ that is way too overdone for people’s features,” said Amy Jean Linnehan, eyebrow expert from Amy Jean Eye Couture in Australia. “Cosmetic tattooing should go undetected and be as subtle as possible. We take into account thickness, arch, length, and the color/pigment that will be used.”

Another eyebrow expert, Kristin Fisher (of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows), said she and her team of technicians spend 30 minutes or more measuring and drawing the brow shape for a client. She emphasizes the importance of shape: measuring the distance apart, the length of the brow, and the angle of the arch.

Though the microblading process has become very popular around the globe, most prospective clients aren’t well informed on the process. Many are surprised to find that the technician doesn’t use a noisy tattoo gun, but rather a handheld tool, called a microblade. The tool has tiny needles in the end, used to apply pigment into the skin.

Another common misconception is that your actual hair will be removed in the tattooing process. The technician won’t actually remove your brow hairs, but will instead use the pigment to make crisp, fine strokes that mimic your hair, filling in any bald or sparse areas.

The process lasts anywhere between an hour and two hours, depending on your individual experience. The final result lasts about 12 to 24 months, varying by skin type and attention to aftercare.

“Oily skin breaks down the pigments and blur the ‘crisp’ lines at a faster rate than a dry skin type would. For that reason drier skin types get longer lasting results out of micro-feathering brow tattoo,” Linnehan said.

Moisturizing the area and protecting your brows from the sun can also extend the life of your microblading treatment. For more information regarding semi-permanent tattooing, [Click Here].

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Snapchats and Tattooed Eyebrows

Few things are more highly coveted among teenagers than an exciting Snapchat story and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Starlet Bella Thorne recently combined the two, giving her followers a live step-by-step look at the microblading process.

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure in which a technician uses a small handheld tool, containing several tiny needles, to insert pigment into the skin. The pigment is used to create fine, hair-like strokes to mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. The procedure has grown in popularity as a method to create bold, thick, shapely brows, like those model and actress Cara Delevingne boasts.

Because the procedure is a form of tattooing, the potential for pain may deter some from exploring microblading as an eyebrow-enhancing option. To thwart any fears or misconceptions her followers may have about the procedure, Thorne took to posting every step of the process to her Snapchat story, from the application of the numbing cream to the final result. Thorne was on a mission to prove that just a little minor discomfort and less than two hours of her time were more than worth it to grow her arches and create long-lasting perfect eyebrows.

Thorne trusted micrbolading expert Julia Faria Elmassian to take her eyebrows to the next level. In addition to live proof of success from Thorne’s personal snapchat, Elmassian posted a photo of Thorne’s newly enhanced arches to her own Instagram account.

The posts from Thorne and Elmassian prove that the procedure is a great alternative to everyday applications of brow pencils, gels, and waxes. The most important part of microblading, per expert technicians and clients alike, is finding an artist that is experienced, skilled, and makes you feel most comfortable. While the expert technician will provide you with a recommended shape at the pre-procedure consultation, be sure to be open and honest about any changes to shape or thickness that you’d like to see in the final result.

As Thorne emphasized in her posts, the results from microblading are semi-permanent. Your technician will recommend a touch-up after the initial procedure, to fill in any bare spots, and those results could last up to a year. Just like a traditional tattoo, the results from microblading will last longer with proper after-care. Though your technician should provide you with aftercare products and/or recommendations, remember to moisturize the area, especially during the healing process, liberally apply SPF, and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. For more information regarding tattooed eyebrows, [Click Here].

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