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Keep Your Brows Dry After Microblading

After having your eyebrows microbladed, you should do everything you can to avoid getting your eyebrows and the skin around them wet. For the first segment of the healing process, it is important to keep your brows completely dry.

Your technician will not expect to you to avoid showering or washing your face for the week following your microblading procedure, but should have emphasized the importance of keeping the area immediately surrounding your new brows completely dry for the first five to seven days following the procedure. When you are in the shower or are cleaning your face, focus on keeping water, soap, and any other skin care products away from the freshly treated skin around your brows. You should also avoid swimming, sweating, and using saunas or steam rooms, which will all moisten the skin around your brows.

Why is keeping the skin dry so important?

Technicians suggest that clients avoid getting the eyebrows and surrounding skin wet in the first week following a microblading procedure because dry, clean skin is able to heal much more efficiently than skin that has been treated with tap water and/or skin care products. Water quality and the substances found in tap water differ greatly from one location to the next, and there is no way to predict how your skin will react to the water coming from your sink or shower. You could experience heightened dryness, irritation, or even infection from the water, which would not only affect the results of your microblading procedure, but would also jeopardize your health.

Instead of wetting the eyebrows and the surrounding skin, you should closely follow your technician’s instructions for microblading aftercare, applying only approved products to the affected area and avoiding certain activities that could ruin or diminish your microblading results. Technicians often recommend that clients apply grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, or coconut oil to the treated eyebrow area following a microblading procedure to aid the skin in its natural healing processes.

Scabbing and flaking of the skin is a sign that your skin is healing. You should not pick these scabs, but should instead use the products suggested by your technician to help moisturize the area, which will allow the scabs and dry skin to lift naturally.

Even with proper care, keeping the eyebrow area as dry as possible, and using only approved products, most micorblading clients will experience some bald spots or areas where the tattooed strokes lightened more than others. This is normal and is the reason why a follow-up appointment is almost always suggested. If, however, you experience any abnormal bumps, irritation, redness, or rash, during the healing process, contact both your physician and microblading technician to determine the best course of action to properly care for your skin.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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Natural Healing: Avoid the Ointments

Skincare is a natural part of anyone’s beauty regimen, but you may want to hold off on using those creams and ointments following a microblading procedure. In order to help you understand why, below are some important points to consider.

Avoid Skin Irritation

Given the nature of microblading, the skin can be very sensitive after the procedure is complete. The use of over the counter ointments and creams can cause this sensitive skin to become irritated and ultimately disrupt the healing process. In order to avoid skin irritation, it is a good idea to give yourself a few days after a microblading procedure before restarting your skin care routine.

If you have a prescription lotion or cream that you are required to use, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor before going through with a microblading procedure. If you are able to lay off the use of this cream for a few days, then feel free to go through with the procedure. In addition, your doctor might inform you that your cream is very light and will not cause any additional skin irritation.

Shorten the Healing Process

While microblading does not irritate the skin as much as one might think, you still need to give yourself adequate time to heal following a procedure. The use of various ointments and skin creams may cause this healing process to significantly lengthen because the skin is unable to heal naturally or have access to oxygen, a vital component. By avoiding the use of your favorite ointments immediately following a microblading appointment, you give yourself the best chance to heal in a sensible period of time.

Uphold the Technician’s Hard Work

Micoblading is a very delicate and intricate process designed to improve the look and shape of your eyebrows. While you might feel like your everyday ointments and creams will not affect the work performed by the technician, you would, unfortunately, be wrong. In reality, these use of the creams following a microblading process may drastically affect the shape and overall quality of your remaining eyebrow hair.

Be Careful in the Shower

While it might seem easy to avoid the use of various skin ointments after a microblading procedure, you might forget about the products you have lying around in the shower. If you regularly apply an exfoliate or other heavy skin product in the shower, avoid use for a few days following a microblading procedure. These products can be just as harmful as your out-of-the-shower products, making the consequences for your eyebrows just as dire.

Get Your Money’s Worth

While it might be tempting to use your favorite face ointment after a microblading procedure, you ultimately want to make sure that your eyebrows heal quickly and continue to look great. By avoiding the use of various creams and ointments, you will successfully uphold your technician’s great work and get your money’s worth out of the procedure!

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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Understand the Process, Trust the Process

If you are new to the concept of microblading, the process can seem simple or complex depending on your perspective. For some, the procedure seems extremely painful with a high chance of error. For others, the procedure seems very simple and would only expect for it to take a handful of minutes. While the best way to truly understand microblading is to undergo the process, many people can be hesitant towards taking that first step. Luckily, there are multiple avenues by which to properly research microblading before having the procedure done yourself. Listed below are some of the most popular methods for researching microblading.

Beauty Forums
The web is filled with all types of beauty related forums. On these types of sites, men and women of all ages and experience level meet and communicate in an internet community in order to understand more about various beauty procedures and establishments. Microblading is typically a very popular topic on these forums, with most of the posts revolving around a user’s first time experience.

By reading the posts of others who have recently undergone microblading, you can feel much more confident that you understand the procedure and know exactly what to expect. In addition, you may be able to find a great salon in your area based on feedback from those in the forum.

Beauty videos, specifically on YouTube, have practically exploded over the past year. From makeup tutorials to Dr. Pimple Popper, more people than ever are logging on to understand everything beauty. Microblading is a heavily covered topic in online videos and tutorials, with many being produced by those who own salons in prominent areas. By showcasing the microblading procedure and their personal skills, these salons hope to encourage new customers to undergo the process for themselves.

Videos allow you to understand the microblading process by seeing it performed live. Besides being able to see the handy work of the person performing the procedure, you can also judge the reaction of the customer in real time.

Accompany a Friend
While videos are essentially the closest thing you can get to a microblading procedure without leaving the house, nothing will ever compare to the feeling of watching it in person. If you are curious about the microblading process, reach out to a friend who is considering a visit to the salon soon. By accompanying them on their trip, you can watch the procedure first hand and ask follow up questions as you please. Afterwards, if you are confident in your friend’s salon, you then immediately have a place to visit for your first appointment!

With Knowledge Comes Power
While many people can be nervous about microblading, much of this nervousness is simply fear of the unknown. By properly researching the microblading process through beauty forums, videos, and by accompanying a friend, you will have a firm understanding the procedure and whether or not it is right for you!

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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How You Should Feel During a Microblading Procedure

While microblading has proved to be the most effective means of producing great looking eyebrows, many people are still skeptical. Among the many myths which come with microblading, many people assume the process is terribly painful. A great microblading salon will not only provide you with a painless experience, they will go above and beyond to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable in their salon while the technician . In order to help you understand what you should expect, below are points on how you should feel during a microblading procedure.

A great microblading salon will take their time to ensure you are relaxed upon entering the salon. Given that many people subscribe to myths about the procedure, some tend to be apprehensive well before the procedure begins. By greeting you while you walk in, offering a clean and attractive waiting area, and fully explain the procedure to you, a good microblading salon will ensure you are relaxed ahead of time. Once the process begins, they will ensure you maintain this relaxation by any means necessary. Whether it is a light conversation or your favorite music, these salons will do whatever it takes to put you at ease.

While relaxed and comfortable may seem to go hand in hand, this concept is centered on the overall professionalism of the salon and its staff. While you may be relaxed coming into an attractive microblading salon, how can you be sure that the staff members are truly experts? For starters, a great microblading salon will have their employees place their various training certifications in plain sight. While not all states require a professional license for microblading, many microblading experts take courses in order to certify themselves well before serving a single customer. Besides seeming like experts, a good microblading salon will make you feel comfortable by answering all of your questions with precision and confidence.

Pain Free
Many people believe that microblading is a painful process, but this simply is not true. While eyebrow microblading does not come without some natural pain, a professional salon will be sure to apply a topical anesthetic right away. This same process is often skipped by lower end microblading salons in order to save money, making the procedure unbearable for some customers. While a great microblading salon will look to dull any natural pain with a topical anesthetic, they also understand that everyone experiences slight pain differently. During the procedure they will likely ask you how you feel, ensuring that you are not suffering through any dull pain. If you are in pain, a great salon will make immediate adjustments.

Inspired to Tell Others
If a microblading salon took the time to make sure that you were relaxed, comfortable, and pain-free during your procedure, you should feel inspired to tell other right away. Too many people suffer from poor experiences in unprofessional microblading salons, making the need for these great salons that much more important. By telling others about your procedure, specifically how the procedure was pain-free, others will feel inclined to visit the salon and help these professionals grow their business.

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Choosing How To Shape Your Eyebrows

When it comes to shaping your semi-permanent eyebrows, there are many different options to choose from, so it is important to take your time and make the right decision. But, rest assured that you don’t have to tackle this challenge on your own! An experienced brow technician can analyze your facial features and easily determine what type of brow will best suit your face.

Before you consult a technician on what brow style and shape he or she feels will work best with your unique features, you should familiarize yourself with your options.

The degree of your arches is often considered one of the most defining features of an eyebrow look. How bold your arch should be largely depends on the shape of your face. Round faces, for example, can benefit from very angular arches, which can help give some sharpness and definition to an otherwise circular look. Oval faces on the other hand benefit from slight arches, as their already well-balanced proportions can take on a harsh look from an overly emphasized arch. Likewise, for square faces, a brow technician will advise that you avoid overly angular arches, and instead, opt for a softly rounded arch.

Brow Length
Like the boldness of your arches, the length of your brows is usually naturally fit for your facial shape and structure. But, over time as you began grooming your brows, they may have been over-groomed, meaning that the tails don’t extend as long as they should. This issue is especially pronounced for those with long faces; the longer your face is, and therefore the more stretched your features appear, the more stretched your eyebrows should be.

Rounded or Angular Edges?
As you might have guessed, those with angular features benefit from subtle, rounded brows, while those with more rounded features, should opt for more defined, angular brows. A brow technician will examine your features and determine how he or she can use your brows to best enhance your facial features, helping you to present your best face to the world.

No matter your face shape…
There are three general eyebrow microblading rules to follow, regarding the head, arch, and length of your brows.

First, the head of your eyebrows should always be in line with the bride of your nose. If you find that your hair doesn’t grow quite as close to this line as it should, carefully use a brow pomade or pencil to create fine hair-like strokes in this area.

Second, the arch of your brow should be about two-thirds of the way down your brow. Never center your arches, as this mistake makes your brows look droopy and can throw off the appearance of your other facial features.

Finally, follow an imaginary line from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye to determine where the tail of your brow should fall. Cutting the tails too short looks unnatural, while extending them too far can make your eyes appear more closed.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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The Best Brows for Your Face Shape

The shape of your face plays a huge role in determining how your permanent eyebrows should be shaped. The right shape of microbladed brows can make your eyes appear more open, accentuate your best features, and even take years off your look. The wrong shape, on the other hand, will not do your facial features justice.

There are many different face shapes, and it is quick and easy to figure out which one resembles yours most. From there, you can get a great idea of how changing your brow shape can change your overall look.

Square faces typically have strong jaw lines and prominent angles. With that being said, it is best to avoid any overly angular eyebrow shapes, which can make a square face look too harsh. A soft shape will frame your angular features nicely, directing attention to your temple area and highly sought after cheekbones.

Round faces need a little assistance to create definition and balance out the face, which is where eyebrow shape comes into play. Creating a brow shape that is angular toward the tail of the brow will highlight the cheekbones and widen the eye area, creating nice balanced angles.

Long faces have features that are naturally stretched vertically. Eyebrow shape can be used to counteract the length of your features, by adding the illusion of width. Flat, straight across brows with extended tails are great for highlighting and exaggerating the areas around the eyes and the cheeks, adding to the overall balance of your facial structure.

Heart-shaped faces are wider from the cheeks up, with very delicate jaw lines. Because the top half of the face is more prominent than the bottom, overly thick eyebrows will do your delicate jawline no favors. While you never want very thin brows, a neatly groomed, soft arched brow will help you put your best face forward by balancing out your chin and jawline.

Oval faces are the most balanced of all the shapes. A well-balanced, slightly arched brow is perfect for oval faces. The head of the brow should align with the outer bridge of the nose, while the tail should extend slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye. If you have an oval face, but a slightly smaller or larger nose, you can adjust where the head of the brow begins to change the appearance of your nose.

A professional can help you achieve the perfect brow look for your face. If you think your face would benefit from completely changing brow shapes, consult a professional and keep in mind that it may take several grooming sessions to achieve your desired look, though the end result will be well worth it!

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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5 Ways to Recognize a Comfortable Microblading Salon

Finding a good microblading salon can often be more difficult than expected. While you might assume that you can simply go to the place your coworker recommended, how can you be sure that this salon will be a good fit for you? Among the many microblading salons out there, the best ones will always attempt to make their customers feel comfortable and welcome at all times. Instead of just being concerned with a profit, these salons want to establish a positive relationship with you so you will feel encouraged to come back at any time. In order to help you identify salons like these, below are 5 ways to recognize a comfortable eyebrow microblading salon.

You are Immediately Approached by an Employee
Upon entering a salon, you might have a million things going through your head. A comfortable microblading salon will always feature a professional employee greeting you at the door, ready to answer any of your initial questions. Alternatively, an uncomfortable salon will tend to have a staff which just stands around and stares at you as you walk in, making you feel everything but welcome.

The Staff is Friendly and Professional
You can always identify a comfortable microblading salon based on the quality of their employees. By having a staff which is friendly and seeks to make you more than just a customer, you can immediately tell that you are in the right place. Salons which feature rude or uninterested employees are only concerned with collecting your money, and will likely cut corners during your appointment.

All of Your Questions Are Answered
Microblading, like any other cosmetic procedure, will produce a lasting change to your personal image. Because of this, many people obviously have questions which pertain to how they will look after the procedure is over. A comfortable microblading salon will do their best to answer all of your questions as accurately as possible. By doing so, you will be confident in the image they are trying to help you gain. An uncomfortable microblading salon will simply tell you what you want to hear, regardless of whether it is true or not.

Your Mind is Put at Ease
By having a friendly staff which seeks to answer of all of your questions, the comfortable microblading salon is looking to put your mind at ease. You have enough to worry about outside of the salon, so the last thing they want is you worrying about the quality of your procedure. During your time in the salon, they will likely encourage you to relax while they work on giving you the best service they have to offer. An uncomfortable microblading salon will place no emphasis on putting your mind at ease, and will likely make you want to bolt for the door at any available moment.

You are Encouraged to Come Back
After giving you world-class service and an amazing microblading session, a comfortable salon will encourage you to come back as soon as you are able. To them, you are more than a customer. During your time in their salon, they have attempted to value you as a friend and provide their best service. On the other hand, an uncomfortable microblading salon may say little to nothing as you leave, recognizing the fact that your money is theirs and your return visit is not necessary.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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What to Look for in Microblading Salon Reviews

If someone offered to sell you a car without seeing what it looked like, would you purchase it? You’re not alone; most (if not all) people wouldn’t, either. Similarly, you wouldn’t visit a salon known for microblading brows without researching it first, and part of that research includes finding out what other people have to say about it.

It’s not only common for people to read user reviews for a particular product or service: it is encouraged! However, it is important to be able to discern which reviews are legitimate, and which were planted there as a means of promotion.

Due to microblading being a procedure some people are reluctant to try, false reviews are created in order to draw customers into a salon that may not necessarily offer 5-star services.

Use Third-Party Sites

If a site has a page for users to leave reviews, there is more of a chance that employees or upper-level management may be behind some of the positive reviews. While this is not at all true in every case, it is something to be aware of. If the microblading salon is brand new to the area, but its website is somehow bursting at the seams with 5-star reviews, take what you read with a grain of salt.

Third-party sites, such as Yelp and Google Reviews, can serve as a great resource for information about the microblading salon in question. However, you should be aware that these sites host plenty of fake reviews as well, so use good judgment when reading.

Check the Dates and Content

“Wow, amazing service!”

“I’ve never been more satisfied!”

“This place is amazing!”

If responses like these are all posted within days of each other, there is a good chance they are fake. When people legitimately review businesses, it happens organically and on their own time, not within a two-day window over the weekend.

Furthermore, if the reviews sound too enthusiastic, there is also the possibility they have been fabricated in order to falsely portray the microblading salon and its services.

Check the Formatting, Too

Think about it: if you decide to review a product or company on a website, you’re going to write about how it pertains to you, and you are most likely going to do so very briefly.

If the positive review you are reading is setup like an essay (multiple long paragraphs, an introduction and conclusion, etc.), you should be careful before you give that individual your trust. If there were no incentive for that person to write such a thorough, detailed review, why would he or she do it?

So, What About the Good?

When looking through microblading salon reviews, photographs are the bread and butter of a trustworthy claim. This allows you to see who’s actually had the procedure done, and who hasn’t. What better way to determine whether or not someone is telling the truth than by having them prove it with photographs?

Other than photographs, you want to look for reviews that remark on the microblading salon’s cleanliness, how welcoming the staff was, and whether or not the microblading practitioner followed proper procedures.

Deception is common, especially on the Internet. If you are vigilant about how you conduct your research, you can ensure that you find a safe, reputable microblading salon that will make everyone you know envious of your semi-permanent brows.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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Microblading Safety Procedures: The Most Important Part of the Process

Deciding to have your eyebrows microbladed is a big decision. After all, it is semi-permanent and could potentially change the look of your entire face; not to mention the monetary costs associated with the procedure. So, you’ll want to find a technician who is skilled at creating the perfect style and shape.

What’s even more important than the technician’s artistry and professionalism? Simple: their adherence to cosmetic safety protocols.

We’ve all heard (and likely seen) cosmetic horror stories, from plastic surgery gone terribly wrong, to permanent makeup done incorrectly, and infections from an elective cosmetic procedure. Microblading is a procedure, and as such, has risks associated with failure to follow safety guidelines. Improper safety measures can not only ruin the look of your new semi-permanent eyebrows, but can also put the client at risk for scarring and infection.

When done correctly, microblading brows is considered a safe procedure. A properly trained and experienced microblading technician will take the necessary steps to protect their clients from any potential harm by focusing on the cleanliness of themselves, their salon environment, and most importantly their microblading tools.

Watch out for technicians who appear unkempt themselves, as they will be working directly over your skin. Technicians should wear sterilized disposable gloves, a facemask, and goggles (if needed) while performing your procedure to ensure that no germs make their way from the technician to you.

Next, examine the salon environment. No matter how clean the technician or their tools, if the environment they are working in is dirty or hazardous, there is an increased risk to your health and safety. If you see any leaky pipes or drains, standing water, signs of mold, pests, or infestations, that salon is not a safe, sterile environment. Choose, instead, to work with a technician in a pristine, clean environment that you can trust is safe.

Finally, clean tools are paramount to reducing any risks from microblading procedures. For this reason, the majority of technicians and salons choose to use disposable tools to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between clients. After all, the needles and blades used in the microblading process penetrate the skin, and you certainly do not want a technician to put anything into your skin that has been in someone else’s.

Handpieces used to hold needles and blades need to be properly sterilized. While these tools don’t enter the skin, they do come in close contact with clients’ skin, blood, and other bodily fluids, which means they host a great number of germs and skin cells that can be harmful if not sterilized properly.
Any other tools or surfaces that are in the procedure area must be either disposed of or sterilized before a new procedure is done. If you notice that chairs have not been wiped down, linens appear to have been used, and fresh tools have not been set out, you should reconsider working with that particular salon.

Generally, inexperienced or untrained technicians are the ones who don’t follow safety protocols. But, it is also possible that a skilled microblading artist might not adhere closely to cleaning their tools and work area, which can pose serious threats to your health and the longevity of your microblading results. Be vigilant on your visit to a salon and do your research prior to booking to ensure a safe procedure.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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33 Facts You Need to Know About Eyebrow Microblading

For some people, the first thing they notice about a person they meet is their smile. Others notice the color of their eyes. However, most people (whether they realize it or not) notice eyebrows, as brows frame the eyes and can highlight favorable features.

Eyebrows have become somewhat of an obsession in the past decade; celebrities, athletes, and even public figures have taken to making sure their brows are stellar every time they step out into the spotlight.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have amazing eyebrows, however, and there is a simple solution to your eyebrow woes if you feel they are not up to par: microblading.

Microblading is the process of depositing pigment into the skin underneath the eyebrows, and is a trend that has taken the nation by storm over recent years. One procedure has the ability to completely change the lives of those who choose to undergo it.

Rather than spending time every morning working on your brows, microblading allows you to forego the effort you put into looking your best. Furthermore, it ensures that your brows look chic as soon as you wake up.

But, how do you know what to look for when looking for a microblading technician? Furthermore, what is the procedure even like?

These are common question that prospective microblading clients may have before they decide to take the leap and pursue the procedure.

Zoe Milan Studios is a beauty salon that is home to a solid team of professionals. As with any business, it is important to recognize and keep up with trends. Zoe Milan Studios went a step further; the team became experts at microblading. So proficient, in fact, that they even offer an online course that provides a microblading technician certification.

Some businesses are just in the beauty industry for the profits they accrue. Zoe Milan Studios is in the space for two main reasons: customer satisfaction, and the appreciation of the art.

Beauty is found all throughout nature, but it is also a large part of human desire; people want to look good, because having an attractive, alluring appearance helps you live more confidently.

With this in mind, the professionals at Zoe Milan studios strive to help each client look their absolute best, so they can live their lives the to the fullest.

Before you run off and have the procedure done just anywhere, there are some things that you should know; 33 things, in fact:

Signs of a Good Microblading Salon

Zoe 1

1. They Follow Safety Procedures: It is imperative that salons follow safety protocols. Any location that seems unsanitary or unprofessional is a definite red flag that you should walk right back out of the door.

Zoe 3

2. They Have Solid Reviews: One surefire way to tell if a salon is trustworthy is to read their reviews. Be on the lookout, however, for reviews that were obviously written by staff. A salon with many positive reviews over a long period of time is most likely a good choice.

Zoe 2

3. Their Clients are Happy with Their Results: If you know someone who has had microblading done on their eyebrows, reach out to them and ask how satisfied they are with the procedure. If they are happy with the work they’ve had done, ask them to point you in the direction of the salon they went to.

Zoe 4

4. They Are Always Busy: A salon that gives good results will always be busy. This is not to say that less populated salons cannot provide excellent service, but busy salons stay busy for a reason.

Zoe 5

5. You Feel Comfortable Being There: If you walk in and are approached professionally by an employee who can answer all your questions and put your mind at ease, you have found the right place.

What You Can Expect Before, During, and After

Zoe 32

1. Face Shapes: The shape of your face plays a huge role in determining how your brows will be styled. There are many different face shapes, and it is quick and easy to figure out which one yours resembles most.

Zoe 6

2. Choosing How to Shape Your Brows: Your technician will analyze your facial features and determine what type of brow will best suit your face. There are many different options to choose from, so it is important to take your time and make the right decision.

Zoe 7

3. How it Feels During the Procedure: Microblading is relatively painless, due to the topical anesthetic that is applied by the technician. However, discomfort is common, so do not be afraid to tell your technician if it becomes too difficult to bear.

Zoe 8

4. How It’s Done: Microblading may look relatively simple in practice, but there is a lot that goes into making sure it is done right. Researching how microblading is done will give you a better understanding of the process, and may be the extra push you need if you are unsure about whether or not to have the procedure done.

Zoe 9

5. What Happens Right After: Some clients may be caught off-guard by the post-procedure healing cycle. Preparing yourself and knowing what to expect will help make the healing process go more smoothly.

The Healing Process

Zoe 10

1. Don’t Use Any Ointments: Ointments and creams can complicate the healing process and even ruin the technician’s hard work. If these products are part of your usual skin care routine, it is important to understand that they should not be used at all for a certain time period after your brows have been microbladed.

Zoe 11

2. Stay Out of the Sun: Like with regular tattoos, UV rays from sunlight are the number one cause for fading. While your eyebrows are healing from the procedure, the sun will cause fading even more quickly. To avoid undesirable results, avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

Zoe 12

3. Do Everything You Can to Avoid Water: For the first segment of the healing process, it is important to keep your brows completely dry. When you are washing your face or taking a shower, do your best to avoid the eyebrow area. For the first five to seven days, make complete dryness a priority.

Zoe 13

4. No Makeup: Makeup is another substance that is not ideal during the healing process. You can still wear makeup on other areas of your face, but none should be worn on the eyebrows in order to promote optimal recovery.

Zoe 14

5. Leave the Scabs Alone: Scabs are a natural part of the healing process, and it is important that you let them fall off on their own. If you scratch or pick at the scabs and they come off prematurely, you are likely to lose ink along with them.

Zoe 15

6. Swelling and Bruising are Normal: You should not be alarmed if you notice bruising, swelling, or discoloration while the brows are healing; all of these are typical and occur with most patients. There are various ways to alleviate all three of these issues during the healing process.

Zoe 16

7. Anticipate a Touch-Up: A touch-up is going to be provided during the follow-up appointment, so there is no need to worry if the brows do not heal exactly as you anticipated. Everything will be fixed after you have finished healing.

Zoe 17

8. Fading is Normal: It is completely normal for the color of the pigment to fade shortly after the procedure is done. Many people tend to become worried or frustrated, but it is all a part of the microblading healing process and will correct itself over time.

Zoe 18

9. What to Do When They are Healed: When you have finally finished healing and have had your follow-up appointment, you must take care of your eyebrows in order to ensure that the pigment stays as pristine as possible.

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10. Notify Your Technician if You Have Any Concerns: If you experience something out of the ordinary, such as extreme redness or a rash, do not hesitate to contact your microblading technician with your concerns. In extreme cases, you should visit a medical practitioner as soon as possible if you feel that there is a serious issue.

Microblading is an Ongoing Commitment

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1. A Follow-Up Appointment is Required: There is a very good chance you will lose some of the ink from the initial procedure while your brows heal. This is completely normal, which is why a follow-up procedure is included in the initial fee. The procedure is scheduled after the brows are completely healed to correct any inconsistencies in appearance.

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2. Touch-Ups will be Necessary: The ink will need to have touch-ups done periodically after the initial procedure. While this may seem inconvenient, it is worth it to ensure your brows stay lush and beautiful.

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3. You Can Slow the Fading: Wearing sunblock after you are done healing, or avoiding sun exposure altogether, are efficient methods to slow down the fading of the microblading pigment.

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4. Taking Care of Your Brows is Important: If you do not put any effort into taking care of your brows, especially while they heal, you will not have the results you want (and paid for). Put plenty of effort into preserving your brows’ appearance in order to keep them looking just as good as the day they healed.

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5. No Matter What You do, it is Not Permanent: While it is important to take care of your brows, you must understand that they will fade over time no matter what you do. You can slow the process, but you cannot prevent it. Try not to stress too much about the pigment diminishing in quality; that’s what touch-ups are for.

Learning the Microblading Craft

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1. How to Determine if it is Right for You: Microblading is not just a procedure, it is an art; you are essentially tattooing a client’s face, and you should make sure you always do it efficiently. It is far easier to consistently perform if you have a passion for beauty.

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2. Microblading Training: In order to legally practice as a microblading practitioner, you need to take a microblading course. There are plenty to choose from, so take your time to research and find one that you trust that does not have a price that would empty your entire wallet.

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3. Tips for Aspiring Microblading Technicians: Before you do anything, you must first ask yourself: “Can I really see myself as a microblading practitioner?” If the answer is yes, then you’ve just opened the door to an occupation that has the opportunity to be both lucrative and enjoyable. Afterward, enroll in a microblading course and conduct independent research so you know the trade inside and out.

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4. Where to Find the Ideal Microblading Supplies: As a microblading technician, you must understand that you will be working with a wide variety of tools. You must be knowledgeable of each tool’s function, as well as how to sanitize or dispose of them after use to ensure you are always adhering to safety standards. Quality supplies yield quality results, so always choose the best.

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5. Best Needles for Microblading: To ensure your results are always stellar, it is important to know the different types of needles and when they are appropriate to use. Many different factors influence what type of needle you will use, such as the client’s age, the desired stroke width, and the type of pigment you are working with. Some needles are better than others, and it is important to know when one stands out.

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6. How to Make Microblading As Profitable as Possible: If you have consistent, exceptional performance, you will establish a name for yourself in the local industry. The better your clients’ results, the more the word about your work will spread. If you work hard and always prioritize your client’s safety and satisfaction over everything else, working as a microblading technician can prove to be a great source of income.


7. How to Sanitize Your Workstation: Workplace sanitization is absolutely crucial for microblading technicians. If proper customs are not followed, the area becomes very unsafe for both the technician and the client. Furthermore, having an unsanitary workplace will earn you a negative reputation and hurt future sales.

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8. Why Microblading is a Growing Trend: Microblading has boomed in popularity over recent years; now is a better time than ever to become involved in the industry. There exists a far greater number of clients who wish to have the procedure done than certified technicians able to perform it, which makes becoming a microblading technician a venture that has significant potential to bring in large profits.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit

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