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Want More out of Life? Microblading May be The Answer

ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, MICROBLADING, EYEBROW, BROW-SHAPE, BROW-TREND, MICROBLADING-PROCEDUREIt seems like only movies and dreams have the self-sufficient, lucrative lifestyles that people long for. Coming home from a job you don’t absolutely hate is something that is far more rare than it should be. Many people have these lofty ambitions, but very few pursue them.

Zoe Gillespie, CEO of Zoe Milan Studios, is a distinguished beauty technician who passionately strives to gain her clients’ 100 percent satisfaction. She is a top-tier practitioner in the industry who specializes in microblading, which is the application of permanent makeup to enhance brows and give them a fuller appearance. However, Zoe has not always enjoyed this level of success.

Like so many others, Zoe struggled to find her niche in life; somewhere she could use her talents to simultaneously benefit others and support herself. There was a time where she struggled to maintain a cohesive list of priorities, causing her progress toward success to stagnate.

Then, one day, she found the answer, a way to be the one who is control of her own life and future rather than work hard for the profit of someone else. She decided to look into how she could make money from her interests, which in this case is the beauty industry.

After learning that microblading is a trend that is growing exponentially across the country, she began taking courses on microblading application. After a vast amount of diligence and perseverance, Zoe was able to use her business mindset to open up her own salon, where she has established herself as a remarkable professional in the beauty industry. While Zoe’s experience surely is a dream come true, it did not happen by chance; her passion for beauty application and drive to succeed are what brought her desires into reality. Anyone else can follow a similar path and go just as far, or even further.

Zoe chose microblading because it is one of the most promising and lucrative skills in the industry to learn. In fact, more people than ever before are seeking microblading services, and many are also learning how to become microblading practitioners themselves.

Luckily, microblading is a very accessible skill that anyone is able to take courses on. However, careful attention should be paid to whom exactly you are learning microblading from, as there are many deceptive individuals in the industry who are looking to take advantage of those who do not inform themselves about what education they should be receiving. For more information regarding Microblading, [Click Here].

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Nine Microblading Questions Answered

Microblading is the latest beauty fad, known to create perfect, low-maintenance eyebrows. While the semi-permanent tattooing technique can transform even bare brow bones into a shapely pair of flawless brows, microblading is a bit of an investment. Before paying hundreds, or even thousands, to alter your natural brows, it is important to do your research.

Below, we answer nine of the most frequently asked questions about microblading, to make you more comfortable with the process.

1. Is it permanent?
No. Microblading is semi-permanent, with results typically lasting between 12 and 18 months, though some clients have reported maintaining their microbladed brows for as long as three years.

“Cosmetic tattooing, unlike body art tattooing, is much more superficial to the skin,” said the ‘Eyebrow Doctor,’ Kira Tai. “The inks are also much more degradable. Your own immune system will digest the ink and also push out the pigment. Over time these looks tend to fade.”

Microblading requires touchups either yearly or bi-yearly, depending on the technician and your lifestyle. But, the look won’t last forever.

2. Is one session all it takes?
The number of sessions required to achieve the perfect brows depends on your skin, how drastic the transformation you’re hoping to achieve is, and the technician you are working with. Most people require two sessions, the initial session and a touch-up about a month later, according to Tai.

“They have to come back four weeks later, because depending on their skin type, their skin may push out a bit of ink and in some places the hair strokes won’t be as saturated as we want them,” she said. “You can tell if there’s minor imperfections after the first session that need to be filled in.”

3. Is my skin type compatible with microblading?
Very oily skin types tend to be difficult to work with, technicians have found.

“They’re at risk of rejecting the pigment, and more concerning, they are prone to pigment hydration, which is where the pigment fans into each other, the strokes sort of blend and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like distinct strokes,” Tai said.

If you have skin that scars easily or retains keloids easily, microblading might not be the best option for you, either.

4. How long does the procedure take?
Most technicians need between two and three hours to complete the process. Perhaps the most tedious, but important, part of the process is drawing the brow shape on prior to the actual tattooing. Once the technician completes the shape, he or she will then work with the client to tailor the shape to their liking.

5. Will microblading give me perfectly identical brows?
“Eyebrows are sisters, not twins,” Tai emphasized. “This is very true and very important for people to understand so that they have realistic expectations. Nobody’s eyes are equidistant from the bridge of their nose so the starting points of your eyebrows are a little different.”

She added that there is a lot to account for as far as bone and facial structure, which makes it nearly impossible to achieve completely identical eyebrows, even through microblading.

6. Will it hurt?
Being that microblading is essentially a tattoo on your face, the process does involve some discomfort. Most clients, though, find the pain to be very minimal, describing it as pressure and a scratch-like sensation. Of course, pain thresholds differ from person to person, so everyone has a different experience.

Many technicians use a topical numbing gel on clients, but you can choose to have the procedure done without.

7. Will my brows lighten at all after the procedure?
Yes. When you first walk out of the salon, your eyebrows will be much darker than you anticipated, but don’t fret! The color will lighten significantly throughout the healing process.

“The first three days are the darkest days, where your eyebrows look darker,” Tai said. “By days four and five those little scabs start to fall off and by days seven and eight you can actually see the result underneath. It’s about 50 to 75 percent lighter than the day one eyebrows. The look fades significantly,” she added.

8. Can my eyebrows be fixed after the procedure?
If the technician makes a stroke that either one of you doesn’t like, it can be fixed.

“Once or twice I’ve had a client where I’ve created a stroke that I don’t like,” Tai explained. “There’s a high probability that if you don’t increase the depth of the stroke, that it might actually just fade out in the healing process. It’s best to let it fade as much as possible. Then you can go back in and neutralize it with a skin color to make the stroke disappear.”

9. How can I prepare for microblading?
This answer is simple. Do your research and talk to a microblading artist. As with any other big decision, don’t rush into anything you feel uncomfortable about. For more information regarding questions about microblading, [Click Here].

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Zoe Milan Studios Launches Microblading Training Online Academy

Zoe Milan Studios releases educational program to help aspiring beauty professionals start their own microblading business.

TAMPA, FL – Zoe Milan Studios provides those in the Bay Area with top-tier beauty services, with their industry niche being eyebrow enhancement. Microblading is currently trending across the US due to its remarkable ability to create full, beautiful brows on anyone, even on those whose brow bones are nearly bare. Salon owner Zoe Gillespie has decided to capitalize on this latest beauty craze by launching her own educational program that is equipped with all the right tools to help entrepreneurs looking to break into the beauty industry lay the foundation to a successful microblading business.

From now until December 15th, 2016, those looking to become proficient microblading technicians can join the Microblading Business Mastery online program. Zoe Gillespie, who has years of experience in permanent makeup application, has designed the program for beauty aficionados who seek to make microblading a source of income; even those who have not been previously trained in microblading.

There are three main stages that comprise the Microblading Business Mastery Program: Microblading 101, Microblading Business, and Microblading Marketing. The program also includes access to Zoe Milan Studios Mastermind Webinars, which allow viewers to see Zoe in a professional setting firsthand. Upon completion of the program, participants will be sufficiently prepared to enter a lucrative industry where it is not uncommon to make $5,000 or even $10,000 in revenue each month.

Members of Zoe’s Microblading Mastery Program will receive access to the Microblading Mastery Blueprint Manual and Microblading Business Software Source in addition to their detailed coursework. Those enrolled will also be sent a Microblading Starter Practice Kit that will be used throughout the program, and will also be awarded an official certificate by Zoe Milan Studios after its completion.

“My program is for those seeking a passionate and life-fulfilling career in beauty,” Gillespie said.

Zoe Gillespie has felt the struggle wanting to break into an industry without being equipped with the proper tools and expertise. Rather than pay exorbitant amounts of money for lackluster programs that only teach the technical aspect of microblading or the entrepreneurial side of founding a new business, Zoe proposes that self-driven business hopefuls see what her program has in store for them.

A well-crafted combination of beauty and business knowledge, Zoe’s Microblading Business Mastery course provides participants with microblading basics and teaching methods, tips and trade secrets, information on how to build a successful business from the ground up, marketing insights, and the confidence needed to be successful. Additionally, enrollees will gain access to the private Zoe Milan Academy group on Facebook, making them an exclusive member of a community of likeminded entrepreneurs.

Unlike other courses that are offered online, the Zoe Milan Academy Microblading Business Mastery course allows monthly access to the CEO and founder of Zoe Milan Studios, Zoe Gillespie herself. This is facilitated through webinar mastermind calls where participants can question Zoe about industry secrets, practice methods and specific techniques.

The course will begin on January 15, 2017, and pre-registration closes on December 15, 2016. There are many benefits to register before the deadline: $400 off the program cost, two VIP tickets to the Microblading Live Seminar that will be held in May of 2017 in Tampa, Florida, a limited-edition Zoe Milan Studios V-neck, and two VIP tickets to the premiere of the Zoe Milan Studios movie, which includes a walk on the red carpet and an invitation to the official After Hours Party.

A 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that students who sign up for the Zoe Milan Studios Academy online Microblading Business Mastery course by December 15th will not only save thousands of dollars in costs, but also walk out of the program with the knowledge and confidence that is necessary to start a successful business. Furthermore, they will retain the network of contacts they built by being involved in the Zoe Milan Studios community.

Zoe Milan Studios’ program will set a new standard for microblading education. For passionate individuals with an interest in beauty who want to make a career in the industry, there is no better place to get started. Enrollment is quick and easy, but only available for a limited time.

To learn more about what the Microblading Business Mastery course has to offer, or about Zoe Milan Studios, please visit

About Zoe Milan Studios
Zoe Milan Studios is a high fashion facial and beauty salon. The studio offers high-end glamour services from microblading to eyebrow threading and henna applications. Our runway looks are perfectly designed and tailored to the individual. Enhance your beauty and individuality today! Our natural and long-lasting solutions for beauty enhancements are leading in today’s trends and styles. Every technician is trained in the air and craft of each one of our beauty enhancement products at Zoe Milan Studios. Live a confident, vibrant lifestyle and let your beauty be long-lasting and radiant! Contact us today.

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What is Microblading? Top Trending Beauty Application

Beauty is everywhere in the universe. It is in nature, in art, and in wildlife. Our society places a great emphasis on beauty, and it has even developed into its own industry; people spend hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars in order to look the best that they can.

However, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars in order to drastically increase your overall appearance; the secret lies within the eyebrows. Many women struggle to achieve full, thick brows. At least they did, until now.

One of the booming trends in the beauty industry is microblading, which is the application of permanent makeup onto the eyebrows so they appear more robust. The procedure uses sterilized tools in order to create a sleek, authentic appearance that is indistinguishable from natural brows.

Microblading tattoos the brow area to fill in and shape areas that are lacking fullness. Marks are made in the shape of the brows to blend in with the natural hairs. This creates the illusion of full, natural brows that will retain their shape and color.

The longevity of microblading is not the only benefit; due to the application being so precise, one’s brows can be shaped ideally to complement their facial features. The perfect blend of shape and pigment will leave the recipient with a large boost in confidence as they radiate beauty like never before.

Many people have a fear of permanently marking with their skin with ink, and even more have a fear of the tools that are used to do it. Only trained professionals perform microblading procedures, and extra care is taken to ensure there is as little discomfort as possible for the customer via topical anesthetic.

Nails need to be redone, hair needs to be redone, and makeup obviously needs to be redone. Brows that are augmented through microblading will take virtually no effort to look ideal, leaving you with plenty of other time to focus on whatever other beauty concern needs your attention at the moment.

Microblading is quickly becoming something sought after by beauty enthusiasts due to its quick application and stellar results; the longest part of the microblading procedure is actually setting up the appointment and consulting with the technician to find out what areas of your brows need work.

It is no surprise microblading has turned into the latest beauty craze, and more people than ever before are learning how to become microblading technicians.

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How to Create the Perfect Brows

It is imperative to take care of one’s eyebrows in order to present the best appearance possible. For full, defined brows that follow current trends, we sought advice from local beauty professionals on the best way to style brows.

Duality Artistry owner Dani Taverna states “a lot of people are using products that help grow the brow, as well as fiber-filled gels that add volume.” Latisse and neuLash are well-known products that are used to foster growth; however, there are also other similar fiber-based gel products to create brows that are sure to leave people envious. The owner of La Femme Perfumery, Marie Christine St. Pierre, highly recommends Blinc, which is a water-resistant mousse used to tint brows and create more fullness. The product, which is available in a wide range of colors, will remain on until it is removed with eye-makeup remover. Yet another alternative is WunderBrow, a product that uses a gel and fiber combination to give brows a fuller look. Once it is applied, it will last a few days.

Face shape is an important consideration to take when determining how to shape your brows. “If you have a low brow bone, make sure you create space between your lash line and your brow,” Taverna declares. “A lot of people color from the bottom of the brow, [but] to create more space, use your color above the brow line.”

A method that has been garnering attention in recent years is microblading, a process that involves using a tool fitted with small needles to tattoo the skin and create fuller eyebrows. Marie Benson, a microblading and permanent makeup practitioner at The Laser Lounge in Bonita Springs, declares that it is vital to do independent research and find the best, most experienced professional to perform the procedure. It is also important to be aware of the positives and negatives.

Benson said, “I do like the microblading technique. However, few clients are good candidates for it. The skin can only be tattooed so many times in the same spot before it will look messy and eventually reject future pigment.”

The Nouveau Contour device, which uses 18 different needle configurations to provide customers with a realistic brow appearance, is a favorite of Benson’s. “The aspect that makes me prefer this device is that it is very precise and consistent in depth.” According to her, it is a great solution for someone who has scar tissue that has resulted from inexperienced brow tattooing as well as for those who have skin damaged by the sun. For more information regarding creating the perfect brow, [Click Here].

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Can Great Eyebrows Change Your Entire Face?

By now we all know that eyebrows matter. The highly sought after “brows on fleek” have sent many of us to the nearest makeup counter in search of the best pencils, brushes, and gels, and even some of us to the salon for some highly-trained professional help.

It may be difficult to recognize the huge impact eyebrows can have on your face and your overall look, but side-by-side photos make the impact of fantastic brows crystal clear. From celebs and models to your neighbor or best friend, eyebrows make all the difference.

Think back to (or Google) what your favorite actress, singer, or talk show host looked like before bold, shapely brows became the hottest beauty trend. Compare this image to what they look like today, and behold the power of brows. compiled a list of the celebrities whose brows have undergone the most dramatic transformations, commenting on the way these brow makeovers have changed entire looks.

Among the most noticeable eyebrow makeovers, according to Instyle, are: Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian-West, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and the Olsen twins.

So, how exactly do you go about completely transforming your brows? Anyone with an ounce of concern for their eyebrows knows this process can be both tricky and frustrating, but is almost always worth the stress.

Give Your Brows Time
It takes between three and four weeks for a complete “growth cycle” of brow hair. If you’re hoping to gain some shape in your brows, be patient and let your hair grow. During the growth process, you can use concealer above and beneath the brows to hide any stray or unwanted hairs. After the few weeks have passed, visit a professional to talk shape and style. Threading and waxing are the grooming favorites at the moment, and a salon or spa is the best place to professionally reshape your brows.

You can also take reshaping into your own hands; but, go easy on tweezing and trimming. Remember that plucking too much hair from your brows will mean more waiting to achieve your “fleek” look. Again, patience is key. If you’re nervous about plucking or need some inspiration, consider purchasing brow stencils, available at most beauty stores.

Consider Semi-Permanent Options
Growing your natural brow hair to the desired thickness and length can be painstaking, and for some, impossible. Semi-permanent brow treatments, like microblading and dying are becoming are increasingly popular as the emphasis on eyebrows grows. Microblading involves using a fine-point handheld tool to implant colored pigment into the top layer of skin. The results are very natural looking, well defined brows that last between 12 and 18 months. Semi-permanent dyes can help make your brows darker, and usually last a few months.

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Brow Grooming Made Simple

You don’t need to be a beauty guru or makeup junkie to have eyebrows on your radar. As one of the top beauty topics today, eyebrows are on everyone’s mind and eyebrow products are on nearly every store’s shelves.

With so many techniques, products, and discussions involving eyebrows, thinking about making yours the best they can be can seem very overwhelming or out of reach. But, it certainly doesn’t have to be.

How should you shape your brows? Plucking, waxing, and threading seem to be the most popular mainstream options. So, which is right for you?

Each method can be used to shape your natural brows to your liking. The method you choose, or the combination of methods, is really up to personal preference.

Plucking your eyebrows is the cheapest and simplest option available. All you need to pluck and groom is a pair of tweezers, and maybe a eyebrow stencil, if you are aiming to create a totally new shape. Tweezing is also a great option for those with sensitive skin or low pain thresholds, which don’t pair well with waxing and threading techniques.

Waxing is praised for being quick and mostly painless. Though some discomfort is involved, the pain from waxing lasts only a second or too, which has helped the technique gain fame as the least painful eyebrow grooming option. While it is not recommended to wax your own eyebrows, getting waxed at a spa or salon is usually relatively inexpensive.

Threading has recently grown in popularity and is now known for achieving a super sharp angle, due to the accuracy and precision the thread allows for. While the process is somewhat painful (depending on your tolerance), the thread removes hairs in lines, allowing the technician to remove the annoying fluffy hairs you may miss with tweezers. You probably won’t be able to thread your own eyebrows, but again, this technique tends to be easy on the wallet at salons and threading stations.

For more information regarding brow grooming, [Click Here].

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Bella Thorne’s Glitter Eyebrows — Love Or Loathe?

Bella Thorne has taken her eyebrows to a level never seen before! Halloween came early this year as the actress showed off her new eyebrows, which were decorated in pink glitter. Here are the details on her festive appearance; be sure to let us know what you think about it!

Bella Thorne is creating an enormous buzz in the beauty community right now. The 18-year-old actress showcased her dazzling pink eyebrows through Snapchat, and it certainly got a lot of attention.

It isn’t surprising that Bella shared her cat eyeliner and shimmering brows on her social media, as she frequently posts step-by-step makeup tutorials. This isn’t the first time she’s used glitter on her brows, either: Bella wore silver sparkles under her eyebrows while at the Coachella music festival.

Unlike the last time, though, glitter completely covers her eyebrows now. She may have been celebrating Halloween a little early, but that’s fine. We feel the glitter look is great for the holiday season, and could look amazing in silver or gold.

All natural adhesive by Lit Cosmetics Water-Resistant Glitter Base is a great product to make sure you nail Bella’s look. After applying adhesive, place loose glitter throughout your brows and wait for it to dry; it’s that easy.

How much do you like Bella’s shimmering eyebrows? For more information regarding Bella’s new eyebrows, [Click Here].

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Microblading Q&A

It’s no secret that the latest beauty trend is thick, shapely eyebrows. But, for those of us not born with a healthy supply of eyebrow hair and patience, achieving beautiful brows can be somewhat of a tedious and/or discouraging process.

But, thanks to innovative beauty experts, you can now achieve the brows of your dreams with a little cash and very little time. Say hello to microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a modern form of semi-permanent makeup. The process involves pigment being implanted into the top layer of skin in fin, hair-like strokes. A trained technician uses a hand-held blade with a very fine tip to help give you the brows you’ve always wanted, whether that be filling in your natural shape or totally recreating your look.

How does it work?

Microblading shares some characteristics with tattooing, but is different in that no machines or pre-printed designs are used. It is a very customized and relatively painless procedure.

A permanent makeup specialist will help you decide what shape is best for you and will draw that design onto your face before the microblading process ever begins. You have the freedom to suggest adjustments and tweaks, until the look is right for you.

Then, the technician will apply numbing cream to the brow area and begin the procedure, using a pigment that matches the shade of your natural brows.

How long do the results last?

Like any other customized procedure, results vary from person to person, depending on skin type, lifestyle, and a number of other factors. For most people, though, results from microblading last between 12 and 18 months. That’s 365 days or more of no pencils, powder, or gels.

The color will be slightly darker than your hair in the days immediately following your microblading procedure, but will fade to match your natural color in just a short time. Most specialists suggest you come back four to six weeks after the initial procedure for a touch-up, and after that your brows are good to go for an entire year. For more information regarding questions about microblading, [Click Here].

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What Shape Should Your Eyebrows Be?

Eyebrows are perhaps the most identifiable facial feature. If your eyebrows are the one of the first things people notice about you, it is important that their compliments your face shape and bone structure, helping you to put your best face forward everyday.

Whether your face is heart-shaped, oval, or anywhere in between, we have the identified the brow looks that will work best for you!

Heart Shape
Those with heart-shaped faces should look to their brows to balance the angles of their facial features. A slightly arched, rounded brow will help to balance the point of the chin and give the face an overall softer look.

Square faces are characterized by stronger jaw lines. To help draw attention to the top half of the face, create a soft curve between the middle and tail end of the brows. A gentle arch will ensure that no hard facial lines are accentuated.

Oval faces have the most options when it comes to brow looks. There is balance inherently present in the oval shape, so you can get away with almost any look. Be careful not to overly arch the brows in an upward point, however, as this can draw the face out, making it look too long.

Round faces benefit from an angular brow shape. Keeping your brows fuller with a gently defined arch helps to provide more angles to your face and can help make the face appear less full.

Remember, everybody’s faces (and brows) are different! The best part about the recent eyebrow sensation is that is has opened so many windows of opportunity for learning about brows, finding new methods of shaping them, and discovering the best techniques and looks for your face and personal style.

To be sure your brows are working in your favor, consider visiting a trained brow technician who can help you pinpoint the best look and work with you as you continue to grow or reshape your brows. For more information on what eyebrow shape is right for you, [Click Here].

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