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Microblading: The Latest Eyebrow Trend

EYE-DESIGN,MICROBLADING,EYEBROWS,BROWS,LASH,PERMANENT-MAKEUPMicroblading is the latest trend in eyebrow design. No matter the style you prefer, or the makeup you typically apply, microblading can enhance the look of any brows. Unlike the unnatural and even outlandish results you get from using pencils, gel, or permanent makeup, by using small, fine strokes that look like real hair, microblading delivers a very natural, semi-permanent result.

Nadia Afanaseva, a brow and lash expert of Eye Design New York, explained why so many women, and some men, love microblading. “Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows,” Afanaseva said. Afanaseva added that those in search of a slight arch are also perfect candidates for microblading. She called the results “a natural, undetectable fringe.”

Microblading may sound a lot like permanent makeup, but microblading professionals can attest to the fact that the two processes are very different. For instance, to apply microblading, professionals use a special microblading pen to draw each individual stroke, one at a time.

Microblading professionals are able to provide the most natural brow styles through their extremely precise and thorough application process. The first step in the process is also the most important. Professionals determine the most flattering brow shape for a customer’s face, and then draw it on with a removable pencil. This portion of the process takes about an hour.

Before the next step, the actual microblading, begins, a topical numbing cream and liquid anesthetic are applied to the brow area. Though some clients may feel some slight discomfort, the process is relatively painless. The entire process, done properly, should take about two hours to complete. Afanaseva warns customers to be weary of salons and studios who claim to provide microblading services in one hour or less.EYE-DESIGN,MICROBLADING,EYEBROWS,BROWS,LASH,PERMANENT-MAKEUP 2

What are the benefits to mircoblading? Aside from getting an eyebrow shape customized just for your face and personal style, with microblading there is no down time. Your new brows are ready to be shown off and photographed right away. Unlike other brow solutions, microblading is not sensitive, in that you can rub and wash your face without worrying about smudging or ruining your microbladed brows. The results from microblading last about three years, and require a brief touch up recommended once a year. For more information on this article [click here].

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Kendall Jenner’s Makeup Palette to Hit Stores in March

KENDALL-JENNER,MAKEUP,NEW-YORK-FASHION-WEEK,EYESHADOW,MAKEUP-LINE,ESTEE-LAUDER 3Kendall Jenner wrapped up New York Fashion Week with a number of successes, including the launch of a new fashion line with her sister Kylie and announcing a deal with Estee Lauder for her first ever makeup collaboration. Jenner has been the face of Estee Lauder since 2014, and has since become a guest editor for The Estee Edit, the brand’s beauty blog.

Jenner was noted for wearing some of attendants’ favorite looks at New York Fashion Week, but all the buzz is now on her soon-to-launch makeup line. She reportedly designed a custom eyeshadow palette of wearable neutrals, which will rival Urban Decay’s Naked palette upon its release.

The palette will feature mostly browns and tans, but also include some deeper grey and purple shades. Kendall designed the palette based on her own taste in makeup. On shadow hues, she said, “For me, it’s always the tans or light browns KENDALL-JENNER,MAKEUP,NEW-YORK-FASHION-WEEK,EYESHADOW,MAKEUP-LINE,ESTEE-LAUDERthat I blaze through. The pastels are ALWAYS left behind.”

For the most part, Jenner’s new palette, The Estee Edit, includes a range of both matte and shimmery neutrals, but she decided to include a few metallic black-light-activated, glow-in-the-dark shades for those playful events, when a standard neutral won’t do the trick. Kendall’s palette by Estee Lauder is set to hit Sephora’s shelves in mid March for $48. For more information about this article [click here].

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Microblading | Eyebrow Game Strong

The latest in eyebrow and beauty fashion that’s all the rage is eyebrow microblading. You can now put your brow pencils aside because this new revolutionary technique is not just a trend, but also a fabulous work of art.

If you are used to growing and filling in your own brows daily, you are going to love the ease of microblading. Microblading turns naturally sparse looking eyebrows into thick long-lasting definition and shape.

Microblading has changed the brow game forever as this new and hot technique applies a long-lasting runway eyebrow shape unique and fitting to each individual. This application, much like embroidery, is applied by a beauty technician using proper sterile tools taking pigments and depositing it under the epidermis to create dense and beautifully natural looking eyebrows.

This permanent makeup application creates structured eyebrows for facial enhancement that is timeless and applicable for both light and dark hair. The process of brow tattooing creates natural-like hair strokes through etching or feathering and the procedures results last over a year. This is great for those with illnesses causing hair loss, or simply a desire for low eyebrow maintenance.

At Zoe Milan Studios our technicians are trained and certified to handle all eyebrow techniques and styles. The studio specializes in microblading procedures and has experience in quality eyebrow and facial brow design. A growing trend, microblading is transforming the fashion and beauty industry and these power brows create confidence through its fuller and darker appeal.

Contact a technician today at Zoe Milan Studios to receive a complimentary microblading consultation and get your eyebrow game on point!

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Add These NY Fashion Week Looks to your Style Guide

NEW-YORK-FASHION-WEEK,MAC-PRODUCTS,MABILINE,MAKEUP-ARTIST,EYELIDS,LIPS,HAIRSTYLES 2The runway hairstyles and makeup looks at New York Fashion Week tend to fall at one extreme end of the scale or the other. So, when styles are moderate and wearable, they create a positive buzz from critics and fashion lovers. This year’s Fashion Week runway hairstyles and makeup looks did just that.

Some of the most popular looks were of winter queens at Jonathon Simkhai, luminous goddesses at Rodarte, and messy braided locks at Prabal Gurung. Many of the fresh new looks from the 2016 Fashion Week not only drew attention, but can be recreated at home for everyday or special occasion wear, depending on your individual style and tastes.

Erin Parsons, who transformed models into icy queens for the Jonathon Simkhai show, revealed some of her secrets for creating a flushed wintery look. Parsons used the Maybelline Master Illuminating Face Stick, which will hit stores this summer, to models’ cheekbones, chins, bridges of the nose, inner corners of the eyes, and cupid’s bows. In lieu of blush, Parsons applied Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Raging Raisin on the apples of the cheeks to create the perfect flushed look. She then applied “snow dust” to the tips of models’ lashes to imitate freshly fallen snow.

Parsons said, “We are creating a romantic look, like the girls have just walked off the slopes and into a chalet in Aspen.”

Several other designers aimed for a wintery look at their shows, including Marissa Web. Makeup artist Gato used the same Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Raging Raisin on models’ lips and applied Maybelline Color Tattoo Liquid Chrome in Silver Spark to portions of models’ upper lash lines to complete the icy look.

Metallic accents were the central makeup themes at both Brother Vellies’ fall show and Tommh Hilfiger’s February show. For the Brother Vellies show, Sephora’s lead makeup artist, Helen Phillips, looked to the body painting of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley tribes for inspiration. Using Makeup Forever Metal Powder in Sunflower Gold 1, she painted bits of foil onto models’ eyelids, lashes, and cupid’s bows, to replicate the look.

At Tommy Hilfiger’s nautical-themed show, artist Paul McGrath used a glittery gold eyeshadow to complement the collection’s sequin dresses and gold-trimmed jackets.

Meanwhile, deep red hues were the focus at Cushnie et Ochs. Makeup artist Val Garland used soon-to-be-released Mac products to give models dark lips and deep contoured looks. Similarly, at Rodarte, deep colors stole the show. Of his NEW-YORK-FASHION-WEEK,MAC-PRODUCTS,MABILINE,MAKEUP-ARTIST,EYELIDS,LIPS,HAIRSTYLES 3models’ looks, the designer said, “It’s beautifully romantic, with a contrast of deep color.”

The makeup artist at Rodarte created a plum lip by pairing Nars Liv Audacious Lipstick with Train Bleu Velvet Matte Pencil. A soft look was created on the rest of the face using several different illuminating products: Nars Antares eyeshadow, Nars 413 BLKR Illuminator, Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush, and Satellite of Love Highlighting Blush. For more information about this article [click here].

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