After all the makeup pencils, the gels, and the creams, you finally found the answer to all your eyebrow prayers; microblading. It’s a quick fix to getting back in the eyebrow game that only cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but it’s so worth it.

However, after learning all the rules of the procedure, you can’t help but mess with your brows still. Luckily, if you mess with your eyebrows too much, you can relax because there will be a follow-up, touch-up appointment after the initial procedure. This is also good if your brows did not heal exactly as you anticipated. So here are some things on what to expect after the microblading procedure.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?
Right after the procedure, the eyebrow area will be red, and the color of the brows will appear very dark. This is normal and all part of the healing process. Rest assured, the darkness will fade as the brows begin to heal.

In the next couple of days, you will also notice some scabbing. Again, this is normal and part of the healing process. It is important to remember, to not pick at the scab, as this may damage the skin and the micro-bladed area.

Later, the eyebrows will begin to lighten up in color. This is due to a successful healing process. Another good outcome to this is, the true color of the brows will come out once everything heals.

Is The Touch-Up Necessary?
Yes. A touch up is necessary because, after four to six weeks of healing, outcomes and results will vary. This is because everyone heals differently, and certain areas may not have picked up color during the first session, but will in the next. The Touch-up appointment is also good because the color of the brows can be adjusted, so can thickness, and even if you need to add more strokes.

Most important of all, the touch-up session is when the brow technician refines your brows again to ensure they stay on fleek for the whole year.

Can I Get A Touch-Up Sooner?
Because they love their initial outcome of their brows, a lot of new customers are anxious to get their next session done sooner. However, customers cannot get a touch-up right after the first procedure and are advised to wait for at least four to six weeks before the next. This is because the color of the brows has not fully settled into the skin. Most importantly, this is to prevent scar damage because the skin tissue around that area needs time to heal fully.

With that said, we know a lot of women are excited to test out their new brows after the procedure is done, but before you start picking and playing away, always be sure to make your follow up appointments as needed. You will be glad you did.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit