By now we all know that eyebrows matter. The highly sought after “brows on fleek” have sent many of us to the nearest makeup counter in search of the best pencils, brushes, and gels, and even some of us to the salon for some highly-trained professional help.

It may be difficult to recognize the huge impact eyebrows can have on your face and your overall look, but side-by-side photos make the impact of fantastic brows crystal clear. From celebs and models to your neighbor or best friend, eyebrows make all the difference.

Think back to (or Google) what your favorite actress, singer, or talk show host looked like before bold, shapely brows became the hottest beauty trend. Compare this image to what they look like today, and behold the power of brows. compiled a list of the celebrities whose brows have undergone the most dramatic transformations, commenting on the way these brow makeovers have changed entire looks.

Among the most noticeable eyebrow makeovers, according to Instyle, are: Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian-West, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and the Olsen twins.

So, how exactly do you go about completely transforming your brows? Anyone with an ounce of concern for their eyebrows knows this process can be both tricky and frustrating, but is almost always worth the stress.

Give Your Brows Time
It takes between three and four weeks for a complete “growth cycle” of brow hair. If you’re hoping to gain some shape in your brows, be patient and let your hair grow. During the growth process, you can use concealer above and beneath the brows to hide any stray or unwanted hairs. After the few weeks have passed, visit a professional to talk shape and style. Threading and waxing are the grooming favorites at the moment, and a salon or spa is the best place to professionally reshape your brows.

You can also take reshaping into your own hands; but, go easy on tweezing and trimming. Remember that plucking too much hair from your brows will mean more waiting to achieve your “fleek” look. Again, patience is key. If you’re nervous about plucking or need some inspiration, consider purchasing brow stencils, available at most beauty stores.

Consider Semi-Permanent Options
Growing your natural brow hair to the desired thickness and length can be painstaking, and for some, impossible. Semi-permanent brow treatments, like microblading and dying are becoming are increasingly popular as the emphasis on eyebrows grows. Microblading involves using a fine-point handheld tool to implant colored pigment into the top layer of skin. The results are very natural looking, well defined brows that last between 12 and 18 months. Semi-permanent dyes can help make your brows darker, and usually last a few months.