It is imperative to take care of one’s eyebrows in order to present the best appearance possible. For full, defined brows that follow current trends, we sought advice from local beauty professionals on the best way to style brows.

Duality Artistry owner Dani Taverna states “a lot of people are using products that help grow the brow, as well as fiber-filled gels that add volume.” Latisse and neuLash are well-known products that are used to foster growth; however, there are also other similar fiber-based gel products to create brows that are sure to leave people envious. The owner of La Femme Perfumery, Marie Christine St. Pierre, highly recommends Blinc, which is a water-resistant mousse used to tint brows and create more fullness. The product, which is available in a wide range of colors, will remain on until it is removed with eye-makeup remover. Yet another alternative is WunderBrow, a product that uses a gel and fiber combination to give brows a fuller look. Once it is applied, it will last a few days.

Face shape is an important consideration to take when determining how to shape your brows. “If you have a low brow bone, make sure you create space between your lash line and your brow,” Taverna declares. “A lot of people color from the bottom of the brow, [but] to create more space, use your color above the brow line.”

A method that has been garnering attention in recent years is microblading, a process that involves using a tool fitted with small needles to tattoo the skin and create fuller eyebrows. Marie Benson, a microblading and permanent makeup practitioner at The Laser Lounge in Bonita Springs, declares that it is vital to do independent research and find the best, most experienced professional to perform the procedure. It is also important to be aware of the positives and negatives.

Benson said, “I do like the microblading technique. However, few clients are good candidates for it. The skin can only be tattooed so many times in the same spot before it will look messy and eventually reject future pigment.”

The Nouveau Contour device, which uses 18 different needle configurations to provide customers with a realistic brow appearance, is a favorite of Benson’s. “The aspect that makes me prefer this device is that it is very precise and consistent in depth.” According to her, it is a great solution for someone who has scar tissue that has resulted from inexperienced brow tattooing as well as for those who have skin damaged by the sun. For more information regarding creating the perfect brow, [Click Here].