When current residents become ill, the recommendation is to contact their health care provider and isolate the person from other residents. Since the onset of COVID-19, recovery homes have been forced to adjust to competing demands. On one hand, there are essential virus mitigation standards that demand attention, such as adhering to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. On the other hand, homes are trying to maintain a social model recovery environment that prioritizes peer interaction, peer support and participation in 12-step recovery groups. Mericle et al described how many states (e.g., California) have stay at home orders that are limiting social interaction outside the houses. To deter isolation, NARR encourages residents to use electronic forms of communications, such as e-mail, texts, Facetime, and Zoom. Most 12-step meetings are currently only available electronically.

Research can play an important role by summarizing how houses are responding to financial challenges and identifying resources that are experienced as helpful. Longer term research endeavors could use quantitative methods to assess the effects of government fiscal policies on the sustainability of recovery homes.

Courson Beats Addiction, Helps Others In Galesburg Get Clean

Patton Sober Living is a place where change happens, for residents as well as their families. After our son was initially hesitant to enter a sober living environment, I was referred to John Patton. John listened to our story and was willing to talk to my son himself. I will never forget the relief I felt when the transfer was arranged. That initial relief quickly transitioned into confidence in the program as we met various staff and saw the effects it was having on our son. He welcomed the support he needed and through the practice of new habits, AA meetings, counseling, exercise and daily meditation — a new hope grew where hopelessness had been. He wanted to do the work it took to truly turn his life around.

He wanted to get sober so he was looking for a program that would hold him accountable and had plenty of structure. A past sober living friend was in Patton Sober Living and told our son about the program. It has all of the elements that are vital for success- individual therapy, group sessions, 12 Step Alcohol meetings, spiritual component and a high level of accountability. Patton Sober Living is truly on the cutting edge of treatment, especially with family communication and involvement. I went to Patton House with no other options just hoping this place would maybe work but honestly had my doubts.


Many houses make efforts to reciprocate by contributing to the surrounding community. For example, one group of houses in northern California encourages residents to volunteer to help with community events, such as seasonal festivals, parades, and other celebrations (Polcin et al., 2012). During major holidays, such as Thanksgiving, they open their doors and invite neighbors over to share a meal. what is a sober living house In addition, they invite the surrounding community to attend on-site 12-step meetings and social activities organized by the house. I gave in and as soon as John got there I noticed his behavior, his attitude, his outlook on life and his commitment to sobriety start to improve. For the first time in years I can have a normal conversation and he is able to show remorse for the things he has done.

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Patton Sober Living provided the environment he needed for that transition. His future looks very promising and he is on a different trajectory thanks to the people and skills he learned at Patton Sober Living. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to live at Patton House. I’m thankful to my family for their support, my sponsor Jeff, and to John and all the staff for being an integral part in my journey towards a new life. I just want to thank all the staff at Patton Sober Living, especially Tim Grigsby, thank you for your dedication that helped change my son’s life. My son has struggled for years with anxiety ,drugs and alcohol and has been in and out of many facilities all over the U.S. After years in recovery and building a sober life in Charleston, moving back to Galesburg was a scary experience at first.


“If you try to communicate an idea to him, his mind would come up with an analogy that helped me understand what I was saying,” she said. He carried quotations from “The Simpsons” in his back pocket and loved making his father laugh. Her son was a terrible student but a great learner, she added. He had issues with attention but was captivated by stories. Our hands are tied,” said Newport Beach Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Muldoon to residents at the meeting. Three operators sued, saying the city violated anti-discrimination and fair housing laws. A truce was reached in 2015, when Newport settled with Pacific Shores Properties, Newport Coast Recovery and Yellowstone Women’s First Step House.

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Before I finish the injection, I feel the sweet relief, flowing through my body. On a hot, humid summer afternoon, I find myself in another filthy Minneapolis gas station bathroom. Near tears, I’m frantically trying to find a vein through all the scar tissue I’ve built up on my arm. Each time I stick myself, some of my precious heroin leaks from the syringe—heroin I spent my last 40 bucks to buy.

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Newport Beach was actually a pioneer in trying to control the growing addiction-treatment landscape. In 2008, the city council approved an ordinance to regulate group homes for recovering addicts. It required city approval for new homes in certain neighborhoods and established quiet hours, parking and smoking areas, and van routes. Several other states do not allow detox without greater medical oversight. In Massachusetts, detox must happen in an acute care facility. The “incidental medical services” that Gratitude Lodge, and others with the designation, are allowed to provide do not include primary medical care, according to the state.

Managers also engage daily in each resident’s day, perform random drug and alcohol testing, facilitate house meetings and maintain the overall serenity and flow of the home. Social distancing is a fundamental mitigation procedure that is universally recommended. Yet, many recovery residences encourage interpersonal contact (e.g., hugs, high five’s, etc.) as an integral part of peer support. We need to understand the extent to which residents are able to practice social distancing in their homes as well as how interactions are experienced differently from larger distances. As a way to avoid social isolation, NARR recommendations include suggestions for using electronic communication.

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On Wednesday night, leading up to the incident, the younger Lehr started hallucinating. He was taken to Hoag Hospital, given medication, and returned to Gratitude Lodge. One of the coolest parts about living clean and sober is finding true enjoyment. VSL is a structured and healing environment for men and women.

“A Shooting in Rathreedane,” by Colin Barrett – The New Yorker

“A Shooting in Rathreedane,” by Colin Barrett.

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Beds are perfectly made, and there’s a limit on personal items. Residents are confined to the building, strictly monitored and have a schedule that includes daily chores, classes and “trudging” — a practice that requires the women to walk miles each day. Initially prescribed drugs for legitimate pain management — surgery, injury rehabilitation — many later turned to a cheaper alternative, heroin, as states began cracking down on unnecessary prescriptions. In and out of prison and rehabs for over a decade, Ponton found himself in Huntington at a faith-based recovery center where he turned his life around.

Understanding Challenges For Recovery Homes During Covid

With his legal issues it has been impossible for him to find a job. If it wasn’t for the fact that you and the staff have been so supportive I think he would be losing the battle again. I talk to so many parents out there who go through the same thing. You have let him know that if not for drugs and alcohol he would not be where he is today. He really needs someone who like you guys, John, Tim and the staff to understand and give him a shot at work. He is happy for the most part now and compared to when he was admitted so healthy. I moved into patton sober living in may of 2016 broken and hopless after just finishing my 6th 30 day treatment in a 12 month period.

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Get addiction help now (24/7 helpline)Our ApproachWe’re here for you every step of the way. Out of these 2.5 million people, 286,000 received MAT for alcohol use. 5 million people aged 12 and older had an alcohol use disorder in 2019. Motivational enhancement to help you engage and stay motivated in treatment. Contingency management to help you stay motivated by providing tangible rewards for positive changes. This helps block some of the rewarding or reinforcing effects of alcohol, to decrease the likelihood of continued drinking.

My son has grown tremendously, I am grateful for the house manager Randy. Courson said addiction is so prevalent in local communities that everyone is affected by it is some way or another, whether it’s a friend, a family member or a neighbor. “I’m either going to die on the street of an overdose, or I can try this one more time,” Courson said. By 2014, Courson had lost her home, her car and custody of her two young children, whose bedrooms she had beautifully decorated in better times. “Every time I failed it was worse out there,” Courson said.

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I had been to many other sober livings previously and a house that only held me accountable with minimum structures put in place had proven not to be successful in the past. I truly attribute to patton sober living with saving my life. I had to do the work but they made it possible by showing me how and holding me accountable even if I didnt always like. Patton sober living has worked miracles in my life and my family’s life returning me my sanity, and my parents their son. A final issue with immediate relevance for the survival of many houses, especially those that serve vulnerable, low income residents, is financial feasibility Mericle et al . Although NARR and its state affiliations are monitoring potential sources of financial support, these may change over time in response to changes in national and state policies Mericle et al .

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