Microblading is one of the hottest cosmetic industries right now and is continuing to grow as many people open their own microblading businesses. Some of these new business owners decided to share with Microblading Hub some of the things they wished they had known before starting their business, and now we want to share some of the key take aways with you.

1. Take Time to Find the right Mentor or Trainer

Many business owners stated that they were happy with the money and time they invested in a good trainer, while others wished they had spent more to get a really good trainer.

“In order to master your craft, you have to find the right course and trainer(s), invest a lot of $$$ and continue to learn different techniques and tips from as many pros as possible and practice practice practice. There are some Amazing trainers in the industry, so do your research beforehand, don’t be afraid to ask for references and make sure you check out their portfolio of work. Try and connect with as many people in the industry as possible as we only get better as a team and with one another.”  – Sally, Her Royal Highness Beauty

2. Keep Learning

No matter how long you have been in the industry continuing to learn about the latest techniques and the best ways to give a client a desired result is always a good idea.

“There are so many important things to learn it would be more ingredients and color theory. It is so important to learn the ingredients in the pigments and understand your clients skin type and skin tone…”- Kathy Tweedie Gray, Clemson Eye

3. Practice

You can’t just go to school and magically be ready to operate on someone’s eyebrows, getting really great at microblading takes practice.

I wish I had known how much practice it takes to be good. It no joke! I do tell my students this is something that takes time to be good at. You must be patient!”- Christopher Drummond, CDBrows

4. It’s not Just Microblading

Running a permanent makeup business requires more than just doing the actual procedures. A business requires marketing skills, ordering supplies, managing client’s, and so much more.

“Building the website, creating and following up on your social presence, ensuring you have all the supplies needed, state and county licensing, practicing daily, researching new techniques, pigments, supplies and all the other things we need to check off of our lists prior to even beginning, is all consuming.”- Jen Santoro, Altered Aesthetics

5. It’s Worth it!

Although running a microblading business can take a lot out of you, most business owners said they found pleasure in what they do.

“Before beginning my career as a permanent makeup artist and microblading artist I wish I had known how much I would love my new career of choice.”- Shaena McArthur, aeSkinArt

Owning and running a microblading business can be challenging and rewarding. The quotes and lessons above are just a sample of what business owners wished they had known before opening their own microblading businesses, but this small sample of advice can help you understand your technician better or inspire you to become a technician or business owner.

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit https://zoemilanstudios.com/