Skincare is a natural part of anyone’s beauty regimen, but you may want to hold off on using those creams and ointments following a microblading procedure. In order to help you understand why, below are some important points to consider.

Avoid Skin Irritation

Given the nature of microblading, the skin can be very sensitive after the procedure is complete. The use of over the counter ointments and creams can cause this sensitive skin to become irritated and ultimately disrupt the healing process. In order to avoid skin irritation, it is a good idea to give yourself a few days after a microblading procedure before restarting your skin care routine.

If you have a prescription lotion or cream that you are required to use, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor before going through with a microblading procedure. If you are able to lay off the use of this cream for a few days, then feel free to go through with the procedure. In addition, your doctor might inform you that your cream is very light and will not cause any additional skin irritation.

Shorten the Healing Process

While microblading does not irritate the skin as much as one might think, you still need to give yourself adequate time to heal following a procedure. The use of various ointments and skin creams may cause this healing process to significantly lengthen because the skin is unable to heal naturally or have access to oxygen, a vital component. By avoiding the use of your favorite ointments immediately following a microblading appointment, you give yourself the best chance to heal in a sensible period of time.

Uphold the Technician’s Hard Work

Micoblading is a very delicate and intricate process designed to improve the look and shape of your eyebrows. While you might feel like your everyday ointments and creams will not affect the work performed by the technician, you would, unfortunately, be wrong. In reality, these use of the creams following a microblading process may drastically affect the shape and overall quality of your remaining eyebrow hair.

Be Careful in the Shower

While it might seem easy to avoid the use of various skin ointments after a microblading procedure, you might forget about the products you have lying around in the shower. If you regularly apply an exfoliate or other heavy skin product in the shower, avoid use for a few days following a microblading procedure. These products can be just as harmful as your out-of-the-shower products, making the consequences for your eyebrows just as dire.

Get Your Money’s Worth

While it might be tempting to use your favorite face ointment after a microblading procedure, you ultimately want to make sure that your eyebrows heal quickly and continue to look great. By avoiding the use of various creams and ointments, you will successfully uphold your technician’s great work and get your money’s worth out of the procedure!

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit