Nothing that is truly worth having comes without time and dedication; that includes your eyebrows! Microblading is a process that inserts pigment into the skin, like a tattoo, to create small strokes that appear hair like. Touch-up sessions are needed after the initial appointment but can end up lasting for 1-3 years. It is a rather expensive cosmetic process. The lowest price can range between $400-$500 and can extend into $1000. This matters more depending on who the artist is and the quality of their work.

No matter how well you care for your eyebrows after the first appointment, a touch-up is always necessary if you want to preserve the whole process. Now, most business’ includes the second session in the pricing when you receive your first session. After that, you will pay for the rest of the touch-ups. Prices for that can range from $100-$300 depending on how long after the touch-up is from the initial appointment. Certain packages are offered for better pricing options but, after the first two touch-ups, it should only be necessary to go back every 3-6 months.

You may be asking though; why do I need to keep going back? Well, there are several reasons.

  1. You may need to change things up
  • Sometimes the pigment isn’t dark enough, or you didn’t like the way your eyebrows came out the first time. Having a follow-up appointment allows you to talk with your microblading artist about changing up the pigment color, the amount used, and how the eyebrows are shaped.


  1. The color will fade
  • After your eyebrows heal the pigment will start to fade. New skin layer, sun exposure, and scabbing all contribute to this.


  1. The whole process isn’t permanent
  • While your eyebrows can last up to three years, it still isn’t a permanent process. Refilling and touch-ups will be necessary should you want to maintain your results.


Caring for your eyebrows is not a hard task and is necessary to get the most bang for your buck with microblading. To keep the shape and fullness, be sure to follow up with your sessions and follow the proper aftercare procedures!

Remember: microblading is permanent, and you should only have the procedure done at a location you trust and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, care needs to be taken in order to ensure the pigment stays as vibrant and stunning as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step toward perfect brows, visit