Eyebrows are perhaps the most identifiable facial feature. If your eyebrows are the one of the first things people notice about you, it is important that their compliments your face shape and bone structure, helping you to put your best face forward everyday.

Whether your face is heart-shaped, oval, or anywhere in between, we have the identified the brow looks that will work best for you!

Heart Shape
Those with heart-shaped faces should look to their brows to balance the angles of their facial features. A slightly arched, rounded brow will help to balance the point of the chin and give the face an overall softer look.

Square faces are characterized by stronger jaw lines. To help draw attention to the top half of the face, create a soft curve between the middle and tail end of the brows. A gentle arch will ensure that no hard facial lines are accentuated.

Oval faces have the most options when it comes to brow looks. There is balance inherently present in the oval shape, so you can get away with almost any look. Be careful not to overly arch the brows in an upward point, however, as this can draw the face out, making it look too long.

Round faces benefit from an angular brow shape. Keeping your brows fuller with a gently defined arch helps to provide more angles to your face and can help make the face appear less full.

Remember, everybody’s faces (and brows) are different! The best part about the recent eyebrow sensation is that is has opened so many windows of opportunity for learning about brows, finding new methods of shaping them, and discovering the best techniques and looks for your face and personal style.

To be sure your brows are working in your favor, consider visiting a trained brow technician who can help you pinpoint the best look and work with you as you continue to grow or reshape your brows. For more information on what eyebrow shape is right for you, [Click Here].