The latest in eyebrow and beauty fashion that’s all the rage is eyebrow microblading. You can now put your brow pencils aside because this new revolutionary technique is not just a trend, but also a fabulous work of art.

If you are used to growing and filling in your own brows daily, you are going to love the ease of microblading. Microblading turns naturally sparse looking eyebrows into thick long-lasting definition and shape.

Microblading has changed the brow game forever as this new and hot technique applies a long-lasting runway eyebrow shape unique and fitting to each individual. This application, much like embroidery, is applied by a beauty technician using proper sterile tools taking pigments and depositing it under the epidermis to create dense and beautifully natural looking eyebrows.

This permanent makeup application creates structured eyebrows for facial enhancement that is timeless and applicable for both light and dark hair. The process of brow tattooing creates natural-like hair strokes through etching or feathering and the procedures results last over a year. This is great for those with illnesses causing hair loss, or simply a desire for low eyebrow maintenance.

At Zoe Milan Studios our technicians are trained and certified to handle all eyebrow techniques and styles. The studio specializes in microblading procedures and has experience in quality eyebrow and facial brow design. A growing trend, microblading is transforming the fashion and beauty industry and these power brows create confidence through its fuller and darker appeal.

Contact a technician today at Zoe Milan Studios to receive a complimentary microblading consultation and get your eyebrow game on point!