ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, PERMANNET-EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS-ON-FLEEK, MICROBLADING, THREADING, EYEBROWS, BROWS, 13For most women, eyebrows have been a source of insecurity, uncertainty, and for a very small few, confidence, since our middle school years. But, now that eyebrows have become the facial feature that defines your personal beauty look, the pressure has escalated.

If you’re like us, the middle school years meant tweezing (usually in an excessive fashion) or waxing, from your mom’s hair stylist. These practices can leave your brows looking sparse or overly thin. Makeup has, up until this point, been one of the best options for correcting your brows’ natural flaws. Pencils helped sketch misshapen arches, powders to fill in the bald spots, gels to hold everything in place, and waxes for boosting color. All of those products and tasks make for a time consuming and expensive beauty regimen.

Thankfully, after years of trial-and-error and too many makeup products, microblading has given us a more promising brow horizon. Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to troubled and tired do-it-yourself brow fixes. This variation of tattooing involves a trained technician using a manual tool with several tiny needles to implant pigment into the dermal second layer of skin.

The technician will sketch a shape that is best suited for your face size and structure, and will make adjustments to fit your personal tastes. After you are both pleased with the sketch, they’ll begin working their semi-permanent magic, using the handheld tool to create fine, hair-like strokes. Unlike traditional permanent makeup or tattooing, microblading yields incredibly natural, subtle, and defined results.

The process is short, usually lasting between one and two hours, and for the most part, sweet. Though most people experience some mild discomfort from microblading, it has been described as a light scratching, and is for most, completely tolerable. Your technician will recommend touch ups and give you a simple maintenance routine to help extend the life of your new perfectly arched and defined brows. Though the procedure can be somewhat costly, it will certainly cut down on time and money previously spent to build new brows as part of your everyday routine.

ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, PERMANNET-EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS-ON-FLEEK, MICROBLADING, THREADING, EYEBROWS, BROWS, 12The words permanent and tattoo can make microblading an intimidating process, but this option is nothing to be afraid of. Do your homework and ask around to find a trained and trusted professional, who should be able to show you a portfolio of brows they have worked on. Finally, be honest and open with your technician about your feelings on the procedure and the brow sketch they have done. They want to make you happy and help you feel most confident, with newly defined, shapely brows. For more information regarding microblading, [Click Here].