ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, PERMANNET-EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS-ON-FLEEK, MICROBLADING, THREADING, EYEBROWS, BROWS, 3There are plenty of DIY options for vamping your brows—pencils, powders, pigments, gels, and stencils—but when you can’t seem to achieve the result you want, there are more permanent options you can explore. Microblading is the semi-permanent solution to thin, sparse, and misshapen brows that beauty insiders and celebrities can’t stop talking about.

With microblading, a professional makeup artist uses a small handheld tool to implant pigment into the first layer of skin in fine, hair-like strokes. Though microblading is a form of tattooing, a different type of pigment is used and is not implanted as deeply into the skin during microblading.

The microblading process if fairly simple and most people experience very minimal pain. To prepare for your microblading session, New York City microblading guru Piret Aava (“The Eyebrow Doctor”) recommends you not drink alcohol, take aspirin, or use retinol for at least a week before the treatment. This will help cut down on bleeding during the treatment.

Nearly all professionals will apply a numbing cream to the brow area before beginning the process. Most of Aava’s clients report that the process is more comfortable than the traditional tattooing process, but some discomfort is still present.

“Some feel more [pain] than others. Overall it feels like little scratches,” Aava said. “You feel it, but it’s not unbearable. It’s not like having a baby.”

Aava stresses the importance of meeting with an artist before the treatment to make sure you are comfortable with them and their process. For her, one of the most important parts of giving her customers the best microblading experience is taking her time. She blocks off at least two hours for each client, because she doesn’t like to make anyone feel rushed.

Aftercare is very important to achieving long lasting results from microblading. Aava emphasizes keeping any unnecessary moisture off your face immediately following the treatment.

ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, PERMANNET-EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS-ON-FLEEK, MICROBLADING, THREADING, EYEBROWS, BROWS, 6If you experience any redness, itching, or irritation, she says Vaseline will help, though most professionals will provide you with aftercare ointments at your first appointment. The color of your brows will be slightly darker at first, but will lighten 30-40% in the weeks following your treatment. The cost for microblading treatments vary depending on location, but Aava warns against services that cost much less than competitive prices. Because this is a form of tattooing, choosing an experienced technician will ensure your treatment is safe and gives you the results you desire. Depending on your skin type and upkeep, microblading results can last up to three years. For more information regarding microblading tips, [Click Here].