ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, PERMANENT-EYEBROWS, MICROBLADING, THREADING, EYEBROWS-ON-FLEEK,172016 is the year for big, bold brows. But, brow grooming doesn’t just help us stay trendy, it also means we can opt for less makeup and maintain a low maintenance beauty routine, if we so choose. Eyebrow tinting is one professional option that will enhance your natural brows, for a bolder, more defined look.

Unlike most grooming options, eyebrow tinting does not actually remove any hair, though it can be done in addition to hair removal. Instead, tinting uses permanent vegetable dye to amplify brow color, shape, and thickness. The results are immediate, and without redness or irritation, your tinted brows are ready to be flaunted right after the treatment.

“Tinting instantly makes you look groomed and adds more structure,” said Umbreen Sheikh, owner of Wink Brow Bar in New York City. “You don’t have to fill them in everyday or use powder, so it’s also convenient.”

The most obvious benefit of tinting is enhancing the color of your brows, making it an especially enticing option for fair-haired beauties. “Tinting is ideal if you were born with pale, fine Renaissance brows because you get a stronger looking definition and edge to your look,” said Maribeth Madron, makeup artist and Maybelline New York brow expert.

But, that’s not to say that those with dark eyes, skin, or brows can’t benefit from tinting too. With a range of shade options, dark brown is the most popular choice for a bold, but natural look. “Most people benefit from going a bit darker or richer than their natural color,” Kristie Streicher, a Los Angeles-based brow expert, said. She, like most brow wizzes, suggests going one to two shades darker than your natural hair color.

Tinting can also help transition your entire look to suit a totally new hair color. Other than enhancing your brow shade, tinting also gives your brows a thicker, more voluminous look. In the midst of the bold brow trend, tinting can rescue naturally fine or over-plucked brows. “The dye tends to coat the hair, so afterward the diameter of each hair is bigger. It’s almost like putting a gloss on your head; it’s going to make your hair look thicker and healthier,” Madron said.

Tinting also helps to grab and enhance the fine blonde brow hairs that you probably didn’t even realize you had. This is why it is such an appealing option for those who feel their brows are too short. A professional will apply the tint so that it coats the fine hairs at the tail of the brow, to create a more elongated look.

ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, PERMANENT-EYEBROWS, MICROBLADING, THREADING, EYEBROWS-ON-FLEEK,19Like any other beauty process, brow tinting requires upkeep. “Brow tints are similar to a glaze on your hair. The tint slowly begins to fade after two weeks, and will be totally gone after week four,” said Jared Bailey of Benefit Cosmetics.

Tinted brows fade faster than more permanent options, like permanent makeup or microblading, and may still require some powder or gel in your problem areas. But, tinting is a great option for those who aren’t ready to make a huge brow commitment.

It is important that you have your brows tinted by a licensed professional, with training and experience. Ask your friends for referrals and read reviews on the internet to select a stylist you like and trust. For more information regarding tinting brows, [Click Here].