ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, MICROBLADING, EYEBROWS, EYEBROW-MAKEUP, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, ZOE-MILAN, ZOE-GILLESPIE,6For many women, it has been a difficult transition from the over-tweezed thin brows of the past to today’s thick, bold brow trend. Though there are tons of products to help fill brows and create a fuller look, these aren’t permanent solutions, and might not even last throughout the day.

So what’s the answer? A semi-permanent cosmetic treatment called micro color infusion is growing in popularity and transforming brows daily.

The micro color infusion process allows you to “naturally restore, reshape, or create nonexistent eyebrows in a realistic way,” said Dominique Bossavy, a semi-permanent makeup specialist. Though technically the process is a form of tattooing, for micro color infusion, instead of traditional tattoo dye, artists use quality pigments, which fade naturally and are implanted closer to the surface of the skin than tattoo dyes.

Most semi-permanent makeup artists begin the process by numbing the area with a numbing cream to reduce discomfort. Then, the artist will use a tool with several tiny needles at the end, to carefully draw hair-like strokes along your natural brow line. Pain levels vary from person to person, but most report that the process is relatively painless. The entire process takes about 30 minutes, but may last slightly longer, depending on your brows, the salon, and the artist. To achieve your desired result, you’ll likely need to visit the artist for several installments, usually two to three.

ZOE-MILAN-STUDIOS, MICROBLADING, EYEBROWS, EYEBROW-MAKEUP, PERMANENT-MAKEUP, ZOE-MILAN, ZOE-GILLESPIE,9Directly after just one treatment, brows will be slightly darker and more defined. The redness from the procedure will fade relatively quickly, so that you can go out the same evening without feeling self-conscious. Rest assured, that as long as you visit a trained professional, your brows will look natural immediately following the treatment.

Micro color infusion treatments are certainly more costly than waxing or threading, but following the treatment your eyebrows will be very low maintenance and your makeup routine will be significantly shorter, requiring no eyebrow products and for many, less eye makeup than before.
After treatments, be sure to keep the arches of your brows moisturized to avoid flaking during the healing process. Then, expected natural and gradual fading over about a year’s time, before you will need to “renew” you micro color infused brows. For some, after the few initial treatments, results last even longer than a year. The fading process in general depends on skin type, lifestyle, and medical conditions. One of the most important steps in maintaining your new brows is using SPF daily, as the sun substantially expedites the fading process.

A face tattoo might sound like an extreme measure to take in grooming your eyebrows, but those in the beauty industry and everyday eyebrow gurus expect this process to soon become just another part of the cosmetic routine. For more information regarding micro color infusion, [Click Here].