Microblading Tips From NYC’s Eyebrow Doctor

There are plenty of DIY options for vamping your brows—pencils, powders, pigments, gels, and stencils—but when you can’t seem to achieve the result you want, there are more permanent options you can explore. Microblading is the semi-permanent solution to thin, sparse, and misshapen brows that beauty insiders and celebrities can’t stop talking about. With microblading, […]

Replace Your Makeup With These Trendy Beauty Solutions This Summer

Achieve the bronzed goddess look you’ve always dreamed of by trying out some of this summer’s most popular beauty trends. Microblading, eyelash extensions, and airbrush tanning will elevate your natural beauty and help you maintain a low maintenance beauty routine throughout the summer months. Step aside brow gel—microblading is the latest way to get full, […]